Receiving Part 3

To begin to allow yourself the new inner and outer adventure of receiving before you give, puts your consciousness into a new level of manifestation.
However, you manifest your dreams, i.e. thoughts, repeated “words of power”, visuals, etc, will be enhanced by your ability to receive.
When we are tired, overworked, stressed, we aren’t up for allowing ourselves to manifest much. We can get a bit “NEG”, and the concentration, breath work just doesn’t happen so much.
Manifestation is about allowing you to receive the event, circumstance, or whatever, come into being before it has already happened. i.e. I already have that new job, car, relationship etc.
This visualization cannot happen quite so effectively when we are not in receiving ‘gear’.
Receiving earths us. Mother nature and the Earth’s magnetic currents are very simple way for us to receive. To be earthed and anchored into the core of Mother earth’s heart is the most divine receiving tool you can give yourself.
Try now to just receive from the earth herself, by taking your grounding cord, located your base chakra, and really cement your cord into the heart of mother earth.
It makes sense to anchor yourself this way before you begin any form of manifestation.
Sucking energy up from the earth , strengthens your foundations (look at the base of the pyramid of Giza compared to the apex!)
The foundations of any building must be secure before you can build.
Earthing creates a framework for receiving. Receiving allows your manifestation to multiply.
South American indigineous healers have told me that 80% of Western people walk around un-earthed. I believe this, because I witness people telling me they cannot do this, or afford that, change habits, which are killing them.
Receiving allows manifest to occur faster. Earth your intent every day and you will fast track your manifestation dreams. Plug in….EARTH=RECEIVE=MANIFEST.



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