The Ancient Practice of Healing

When I read Dr Helen Milroy’s (MB. BS Cert Child Psych. W.Aust – Franzcp.) article in The Medical Journal of Australia, I was excited to see a Medical Doctor, state that “healing is a part of life,..and continues through death and into life again. It’s about embracing our life force to create a new and vibrant fabric to keep us grounded.. Healing keeps us strong and gentle at the same time, it gives us balance and harmony a place of triumph and sanctuary forevermore.”  Healing ultimately gives us back  to our country.

I began to study healing methods in 1975, as healing just fascinated me.  I have been “healing” full-time as a livelihood since 1992.  Our indigenous healers in Australia work on getting circulation flowing in the body.  They can take sickness out with visible symbols, i.e.. wood, stone, sticks etc so people could physically see the disease.  For ancient healers (the Ngankari Australia) saw ‘sickness’ being caused by malignant Forces, so by using your hands, the power comes through, and the sickness is extracted in physical Force.

When someone is unwell or suffering, the healer recognises that “the Spirit” has separated from the body, and with the help of animal spirits  (e.g..dogs, birds,native animals etc) “the Spirit” can be returned.  Depressed people feel better after a healing because their ‘Spirit’ can be out of sorts or not positioned correctly; because of some kind of trauma.  Healers mould and shape the body’s energy field, aura and light body, so the physical body can accommodate the Spirit properly and therefore heal itself.

Touch, is an art and a skill with training and attunements you can facilitate a person, animal or plant to heal itself.  (i.e.. Reiki; Sekhem, and The Goddess of All Light  Attunements)

An Attunement is the passing of the energy.  i.e.. Reiki etc to the student (the healer) and the feeling is like getting something into your an electric shock or injection.. This is what an Attunement felt like to me, and the many hundreds of people I have Attuned to Reiki over the years.  Some people experience hairs standing on end and visions when attunement energy is passed.

Our Ancient healers, had this energy passed from father to son; mother to daughter or relative niece, nephew etc.  Today by having attunements, you can heal ‘spirit’ and correctly place it back into the body, helping the person get well again.

I teach and heal through ‘The Feminine’; Divine Mother, Goddess energy in Healings, Initiations and Attunements primarily.  Ancient healers in Australia called this term,  “Mapanpa”.   I call it ‘The Goddess’.  Your ‘Goddess’ spirit grabs the badness which is in your body.  Your ‘Goddess’ can become fierce and angry, when someone is sending you bad energy. (consciously or unconsciously)  You don’t send it back, you dissolve it by not giving it energy.

I have recently re-introduced Reiki shares to my healing centre to help as many people as possible who are attuned to Reiki to rediscover the subtle yet powerful effects of Reiki healing.  Our community’s grow stronger when we share healing energy, building the energy for healing teams to work together.  Our ancestors lived with healers in their communities looking after sick people.  See my latest Testimonial on how Reiki healing is working ‘Miracles’ on people who are sick. This is “Love In Action”.

We can call upon these extraordinary energies by going to ancient sacred sites like Egypt, as a Spirit journey.  These journeys enable you to increase your life force, your powers, to hold more healing energy and light.

Trust in yourself, and your own power to help yourself, your family,  community and the planet with healing energy.  The Ancients have the secrets..

Step into YOUR Power…

Heart I love you, Carmel.



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