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The energy of love around you creates in you your sense of immortality. All of love is the essence of oneness with the universe.

Surround yourself with love.

List all those who have ever loved you and remember those people. Love needs to be measured; being in a space of surrender to love is the merging of true oneness of spirit and essence with all of life. Just co-create with the essence of love in its totality.
Through this essence, you will become attuned to magical happenings in your life, and the goodness from others to you will only magnify your goodness to others, allowing the spirit of love to infuse your every waking moment. It is the spirit and essence of a life that embraces immortality.
Your total commitment to bringing to your life a way of “being” creates in you your own immortality. Just allowing the way of being to infuse your every moment is a creation to bring the energy and essence of immortality to you.
Bring to your life now the joy and magic of immortality by just recognizing that you and your creative essence are co-joining in oneness of spirit.
Your life force essence and oneness is the journey you need to make now in oneness for all of life. All of life is a creation of oneness, wholeness, and spirit; so it is with immortality.
Being the state of shared oneness with all of life to you now through the goodness in your heart, embracing all of life is a component of all of the essence of oneness.
Heart I Love you, You are ALL LOVE….



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