Stillness – to create you own Tapestry

As my bookAwaken Your Immortal Intelligent Heart’  has just become available in hardcover distribution globally I reflect on the memories of this book’s original story.

Every day our own story is a tapestry for our belief in what we are capable of.
When this book, then titled, ‘The Immortal Woman’ was birthed in 2006 printed and published through our computer and photocopier, was seen idly laying on the floor of my centre, (my son Adrian) whose ‘hard hitting’ remark: “if this book is dedicated to ‘The  Immortal Woman’ what’s it doing on the floor here, why  don’t you get a publisher?”  To credit his great love of truth he found my first publisher, on line, in the States. This book has been published in Norwegian, and now, in it new form as  Part 2 of  “Awaken Your Immortal Intelligent Heart” .  

I am reminded that every day our story unfolds.
It unfolds when you give time to STILLNESS to reflect during the day.

In the Sunday Morning Herald  29th February,  John Howard (Australian prime minister for ten years ) quotes that part of his success for ten years in power was to “always take time to think (Stillness) and time to talk to people  whose advise you value.” …furthermore…he states..“everyday I walked  45 mins , never missed meals, and catnapped on long days. ” 
I see these RITUALS as ‘being in presence with your beingness’ .

I know stillness, real inner stillness brings peace and manifestation.  I have proved it

Let your story unfold. Throughout your day ask yourself,  “Do I take space to “catnap”,  “walk for 45 mins,” ” eat regular meals” and take time out to “think” – (stillness) ??
Birthing my books has forced me to completely come to a reality which supports my own story as an Immortal Intelligent Earthling.
We should all remember we are leaders / prime ministers to our heart’s intelligence.  If our country’s P. M.  found  time to create space in his day,  you can too!
Pick up your story – feel it’s worth – and be still.  Miracles unfold!

Heart I Love you,


REFERENCE: Awaken Your Immortal Intelligent Heart


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