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What is a SUPERGRADE Alchemy Crystal Tones® Bowl?

Many people ask: What is a SUPERGRADE Alchemy Crystal Tones® singing bowl?

and How is it different from a regular Alchemy Crystal Tones® singing bowl?

Having been a Crystal Tones® Temple since 2014 and becoming a Crystal Tones® Partner in 2023, gives me the unique opportunity to showcase some of the most Breathtakingly Potent Transformative SUPERGRADE Alchemy™ Bowls.

My new Celestial SUPERGRADE Masterpiece Lemon Aura Gold / Violet Aura Gold with Etched Flower of Life Alchemy™ brings through The Star Beings as she Activates a Kaleidoscope of Light showering everything on your world with Incandescent Light… As you Bathe in this shower, suddenly ‘you Remember’ that ‘you are in the Totality of the One Heart of Every Living Thing’

When you Receive a Healing Experience with a SUPERGRADE Alchemy Crystal Tones® singing bowl, it is a Whole Body Experience… it is not just your Ears, hearing the Sounds; or your Eyes, seeing the Beauty of the bowl; Your Whole Physical Body and Cellular Matrix is Awakened and Activated…

How and Why does this happen?

The Crystal Tones® Supergrade Bowl® is crafted from 100% pure silica quartz. These bowls are the embodiment of purity with a resonance that lasts for an extended period, offering an unparalleled experience. These bowls are manufactured with extra care and cutting-edge technology.

This heightened quartz material Accelerates and Intensifies the bowl’s Intention and Vibration, enabling a more Potent and Transformative sound healing experience.

What sets a Supergrade Bowl® apart is their unique ability to be infused with single metals externally, creating an Exclusive Vibrational Spectrum. This distinguishes them from Crystal Tones® Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls®, which incorporate Gemstones for a Distinct Resonance.

The Supergrade Bowl® is not only Exceptional in its Vibrational Qualities but also in its physical attributes. It is typically heavier and boasts a crystal-clear transparency that allows you to witness its beauty. Furthermore, with its intricate etched designs, there is an added extra layer of elegance to these exquisite creations.

The Pure and Clear Resonance of a Supergrade Bowl® holds a special power – it has a Profound Influence on the cymatics within our body’s liquid. This Resonance is like a Symphony for your Well-being, Resonating in Harmony with your Inner Self.

The Supergrade Bowl® epitomizes Luxury and Excellence in the realm of crystal singing bowls.

With their pure quartz composition, ethical sourcing practices, cutting-edge technology, rarity, amplified intention, and luxurious resonance, they provide sound healers and enthusiasts with an exceptional tool to facilitate Profound Healing, Relaxation, and Transformation….

This level of refinement is RARE and you, her ‘Earth Custodian’, already Know This…

You must FEEL a SUPERGRADE Alchemy Crystal Tones® singing bowl to truly appreciate the sublime Vibrational Energy that it imparts.

There is no better time than NOW to Remember that YOU Are LOVE…


Crystal Tones® Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls

VIDEO Demonstration of Lemon Aura Gold / Violet Aura Gold with Etched Flower of Life..

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