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To create now from a position of Trust that All you have is actually WITHIN YOU; is a huge leap in Personal Consciousness.

However, the Trick and the Challenge; is to recognise that the ANSWER is WITHIN Your Consciousness, somewhere, buried under layers of conditioning, cultural, and everything else the mind commands.

For one moment, just consider the enormity of this simple statement of Truth:

  • “Everything I seek is truly Within Me.
  • “I have the answer to why I am struggling now in my life”.

Seeing a vast jigsaw puzzle with your souls blueprint laid out before you on a picture, this is the picture..

  • “I can see in this picture Harmony Within, despite the challenges”.
  • “I can see in the picture, the demons, the forces which are set to destabilize me.”
  • However, my INTENT, despite everything, is to create a sense of Knowing now that my Intelligent Heart and my Crystalline Intelligent Cells can assist me”.

Every piece must be looked for, to bring me PEACE and HARMONY in My LIFE.

Before we reach out for Help…

Be like the puzzle seeker… 

Observe how many jigsaw pieces you need to find today.

  • I need today to find pieces to have Financial Harmony… Relationship Harmony.. etc…

That’s All I need for today.

I don’t have to find Within Myself All the pieces today.

Let’s say:

  • Heart, I love you.
  • Activate my Remembering to bring me All I need today… for HARMONY in this particular area of my LIFE… 
  • That’s All I require today.  HOWEVER…
  • I need HELP Dear Heart, for my cunning mind is out to trick me, trip me up.  
  • My mind has many weapons, I must use my mind to HELP me today, not hinder my progress. 
  • I Ask My Crystalline Intelligence Sacred Geometric Cells to Help me as well.

We are all looking for the answer to the Riddle of our own Sphinx…

As the Joker in the card desk says:  

  • The Jokes on you… Its IN YOU…

Be in co-creation with the incredible Power you wield.

Its time to Allow the enormity of Protection to enable The master; the Awaken Luminous Heart to deliver its Secrets to the Remembering parts of your Intelligences which are under the Guardianship of the Fully Awakened Heart..

Be HARMONIOUS WITHIN… and the Answer is Revealed.

Gratitude, Heart I love you All.