GRATITUDE is Manifestable Energy

Principles of GRATITUDE are taught in many Personal and Professional Development programmes now.  To be able to ATTUNE to GRATITUDE as a “Way of Being”, bring you into complete alignment with everyone you meet.

Often it is very challenging in toxic emotional workplaces; certain relationships; health issues and life tragedies to say: “What is there to be Grateful for?”

Just reflect on this question..

GRATITUDE is Manifestable ENERGY.

Why is gratitude manifestable energy?

Gratitude acknowledges you are worthy. When I say, “I am grateful for myself”, this creates a very powerful flow of beautiful energy for you because “you” are saying, “I nurture myself”.
Being grateful to “you” first, for taking a life, being responsible, looking after your health, family, etc., really acknowledges your love of self nurturing. Manifestation can only come from this sense of self nurturing.

We all do so much giving out; intoning……“I am grateful, heart, I love you”, acknowledges You.

By nurturing yourself, you are already in a space of Gratitude.

Defining GRATITUDE is difficult for some of us living in Mind based reality.  Nurturing is essentially being PRESENT and STILL when there is Chaos, Fear, Anger etc.  NURTURING is activated when you say:

“I Accept RESPONSIBILITY for everything happening to me right Now”.

From this space, the energy of Gratitude can manifest for you.

Manifestable Energy is not just about having desires met; or even goals to achieve.

Manifestable Energy is a FORCE of real and lasting energy available to you to bring your life into alignment with “THE FORCES” assisting you. In fact Manifestable Energy; acknowledges you have and ABUNDANT HEART; by giving; you always RECEIVE when your Consciousness is in alignment with GRATITUDE.

Gratitude is the ultimate manifestor.  In my Training Programmes I invite groups to FEEL the FORCE of GRATITUDE as being the ULTIMATE Manifestor.

When gratitude becomes part of your consciousness, it honours Absolute Abundance. ABSOLUTE ABUNDANCE is the “Absolute” of Abundance. (you can compare it to “absolute” a name given to the purest most pure of oils etc. in the perfume industry) For this reason, gratitude becomes the Ultimate Manifestor, because it acknowledges the very best an Abundant life can bring. Of all the great things we can manifest, lets try intoning Gratitude before the manifestation has even been birthed.

Why? It acknowledges at some level we are ready for more, to go deeper into the process of our Immortal selves.

We all want the best that life can bring and ABSOLUTE ABUNDANCE allow your Abundant Self to Grow, by making Gratitude part of your consciousness.  Keep a Gratitude Diary – List one or more pages daily what you are GRATEFUL FOR, you set your agenda for your day, to be the Ultimate Manifestable one.

  • I am Grateful to have this Day.
  • I am Grateful for you reading this article, it manifest my Gratitude, as I know it will yours.

Heart I Love You; I am Grateful.


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