Lapis Lazuli Pendant


LAPIS LAZULI:  Known as the Stone of the Stars,  Stone of Total Awareness, helps to Expand Awareness.

SAPPHIRE: Awareness, Discipline… Enhances INSIGHT

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Lapis Lazuli Pendant with Chain 

LAPIS LAZULI:  This stone was said to have existed since before Time was Born. Also known as the Stone of the Stars, it assists one to gain admission to the domain of the unknown Mysteries of the Sacred Texts and Esoteric Ideas and Enhancing the Wisdom to Understand the information.  It allows on to gain access to and explore the Esoteric Planetary Knowledge.  Stone of Total Awareness, helps to Expand Awareness and Intellectual Capacity   (Silver Cap Top)

SAPPHIRE: Awareness, Discipline… Enhances INSIGHT; Extrasensory Perception & Mental Agility…



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