Angelika & Vern

Carmel, Tricia & Olivia,

I am so grateful for the amazing time Vern & I have had these last 2 months.  Your Wisdom and Encouragement has been greatly appreciated.  Our mements at Temple Byron for Sound Immersion have helped us both so much and given us both so much more confidence in playing the Pure Alchemy Crystal tones singing bowls in public.

Our family just keeps growing! I am so grateful for Lupito and Paul’s dedication to these unique Masterpieces and to be the Earth Custodian of so many!

Thanks Carmel for all your Teachings; Healings; Books, Crystal bowls and gifts.

Tricia for your support and encouragement

Olivia for your Divine Massages and Cleopatra Body Scrub!

Heart I love you Always,

Angelika & Vern.

Sept. 2019.