I am still feeling a little scattered at times as my heart opens. I can definitely feel the flow of energy throughout my heart and my entire body and the more I read your book, the deeper I feel myself open up. Thank you. Miracles are happening on an almost minute by minute basis and I am so grateful.

I awoke last night in a sweat feeling quite overwhelmed by past patterns that had surfaced since my attunement. Things that I had thought I had dealt with in my past now came up in abundance and a deep feeling of despair and worry. A deep fear of how could I possibly move on or do I really deserve? I continued to read your book this morning where in Level 4 Activation you speak about what I was going through. The “tug of war” that was going on in my body was intense and I tried to go deeper into my heart and find the light, I was driven by thoughts of doubt and wondered how could I ever let these things go. Then with the words”No, I am not this person. I am not you. I am now me, I am only my Heart, and you now need to go”, my heart felt an immediate release. A surge of warmth and a release of tension and tightening that I have felt in my chest for so long. I no longer felt heavy with the burden I had been carrying. I realised that by opening up to the raw light power, I could let these things go.

I know that I have a lot of work ahead of me, but I also know that it is time. It is time to let go all past patterns that no longer serve my higher self and rid my self of these feelings of anger and resentment I have harboured from past experiences. By being honest with myself and working on living in the now and being present, I am working each day to connect to the forces of All Love for my own heart.

I’ve always wanted to help others, to be able to be a vessel for healing and love and light. I realise now, that by healing myself first, then I can truely share this light and love with others.

As I write this letter to you I can feel a release of emotions, as their is a change in my heart, as I share my truth and work through my past. I thank you for initiating this healing and I look forward to sharing the rest of my journey with you and moving onto Reiki 2 when my heart is ready.

I would like to acknowledge the beautiful Cherye who greeted me at Atlantis Rising with her wonderful gentle and caring nature and energy of love and light. Thank you Cherye.