Lianne and Neill

Senju Kannon Reiki – “Love in Action” Testimonial

Hey Carmel, and fellow beautiful Senju Kannon Reiki people
My gorgeous soulmate Neill had a heart attack on 1 April – April fools day!  The doctors said he would not ‘make it’.
After a week they said he may stay alive, but if they left the ventilator in too long he would ‘fight’ and be in a vegitative state for life.  He regained consciousness on 21 April. On his birthday 27 April they said he would need pallative care and would never leave the hospital.  They assured us he would unlikely talk or walk, but they could definatly tell us he would be blind.
A few of us have been working with him… and so far he has remembered how to smile and laugh, blink and wink,
Since then he can speak in sentences – albiet not always understandably – but that will come with time.
His personality is in tact and he makes jokes.  We have seen his sense of humor frequently over the last few weeks.
He even had a go at whistling.
Today the doctors made the wonderful decision to start feeding him and removing his dependency on a nose tube… they also started speech therapy and physio.
I have come to realise what a narrow view of the workings of human body, mind and spirit that our current system has, and also what a great learning opportunity we have been afforded through this event.
Neill is surrounded by pure love and, as Carmel puts it, “Love in Action!”   Both Neill and myself have received lots of reiki over the last 8 weeks.  It is the reason we are both in good shape physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
There is no way I could have got through this without Reiki and Reiki Miracles.    Working with Carmel and other Reiki practitioners has helped me understand the bigger picture of why this happened, my role in this event, and most importantly how to TRUST the universe/god/angels and allow massive amounts of love to flow through me.  It is quite an amazing lovely journey we are on.
Thank you to all gorgeous Reiki practitioners sending loving and healing energy.
Pure love and light to all
Lianne and Neill