Zana Benson

Note: MYSTERY SCHOOL TESTIMONIAL On 16/9/2020 I received an extraordinary Testimonial from a Student who has completed ALL 3 Levels of the Senju Kannon Usui Reiki Training and who is now working on The Mystery School ASCENSION Training Programmes.  She has completed THE HIGH PRIESTESS Training and is now approximately half way through her HIGH PRIEST Training.  This student felt compelled to write a “Poem” to Honour her Training and the Atlantis Rising Mystery School. 

For 14 Years now I have DAILY put down Brick after Brick to build the Authenticity and Trust the Students need when opening Gateways to their Multidimensional Hearts when taking the Direct Parth; The Middel Ground; The Path of The Heart.  I am GRATEFUL to ALL Students for being part of the Bricks and Mortar.  Zana Benson, you have carved a RAY of LIGHT, supporting others who follow us ALL.

with sincere Gratitude, I share Zana’s Poem…..   

Carmel and The Atlantis Rising Mystery School Ascension Stargate Guides.

A tribute to Atlantis Rising Mystery School
(from one extremely grateful student)

It was hard to find the words to share,
as I sat down to write this letter.
I closed my eyes and asked my Priest,
he said, “A poem would be better!”
“A poem!” I said, “What a grand idea,
to express my grateful heart!”.
For Carmel and her amazing gifts,
that gave my Evolution its HUGE head start.
Nothing could prepare me,
for the journey that laid ahead.
From the very first time I walked in the door,
“Your Heart’s your Home”, she said.
“My Heart?” I thought, “What does she mean?”
as she played her bowls in time.
(To what I learnt much further along,
that the bowls connect ‘All Hearts’ with mine!)
Back now to the beginning,
of a journey of highs and lows.
Of darkness and light and crystals bright,
and the seeds of love we sowed.
After the very first few healings,
(as I truly was a mess!)
She placed Goddess Isis in my hands,
She said; “HER LOVE for You is BEST”.
I stared down at this book,
with no idea of Egyptian stuff.
Carmel said; “Now lose your mind,
and tell it you’ve had ENOUGH!”
She said “You see the Ancients,
that has come through to write this book,
are from the most precious of space…
…They are in Your Heart – now LOOK!”
So off I went and read my book,
with devotion to my healing.
Because everything else on the Internet,
left me with a dark and anxious feeling.
It did not really take that long,
for my heart to get the message.
spoken with a very Ancient Language.

Everything was going fine,
till my mind finally got the idea.
That I was really really meaning business,
when I was telling it – “You’re out of here!”
I said; “Now mind you’ve been the boss,
For a very very long long time,
You have really made a mess of things,
it’s now time for my HEART to SHINE.”
Carmel said; “Now at this stage,
it’s time to get properly Earthed,
It’s time to get attuned to Reiki,
a safe channel for your Hearts Birth.”
Nothing can compare the ‘awe’
you feel when you embody Reiki.
Those first few times the energy rushes,
With Cho Ku Rei and Sei Hei Ki
Then as time DOES, the days and months,
roll by like clouds above.
The lessons that we learn each day,
are Sealed with our Hearts Love.
Some days are really super great,
and I’m high on waves of energy!
And sometimes I really just need to rest,
and take shelter beneath a tree.
Some nights are TRULY SCARY!
As I explore the astral in my sleep.
There are monsters, ghosts and even aliens!
who magnetically suck me in the deep!
I’ll wake up the very next morning,
and call Carmel on the phone.
“Help!” I cry…. she softly says;
“Heart I love you, gets you home”
For months on end I read my books,
and doing rituals every morning.
And digging deep into the depths,
knowing attacks will come without warning….
I ask myself; “Why do I do this?
Earth Mother now if you could.
Please explain to me the mysteries,
I have not yet understood?”

So deep in meditation,
I finally had my first real meeting with Her.
She had me on a cliff top,
overlooking the ocean and Earth.
She pulled me close and held me tight,
her waves of love swept over me.
I crumpled in my chair, she said;
“Feel my Love now, can you see?…
…That all this stuff that you think is real,
are just emotions, beliefs and lies.
Your mind has absolutely no idea,
It’s in your Heart where your True Gifts reside”.
For all those out there on the Path,
I’m sure you’ll all agree.
That the first time you truly feel Her Love
and it’s complete ENORMITY!
You simply cannot forget it,
and Her presence reinforces your mission.
And that I’m here on Earth to Receive this Love!
with wisdom and compassion!!!
So as the darkness meets the light,
and my mind meets my Love inside.
I call upon the Ancient Masters,
To help clear this darkness from my mind.
So now my Vision is clearing up,
And each Chakra is a stepping stone.
They are guiding lights of inspiration,
To guide my heart and soul back Home.
Deep I go now into Earth Mother‘s Heart,
and speak with our Hearts Intelligence.
And communicate of nurturing,
and of abundance, and of elegance.
I feel I’ve really got it now,
and why we speak with ‘our hearts tongue’.
A long forgotten gift within,
that should have been given when we were young.
Carmel, your books contain the LIFEFORCE,
that’s needed from within.
To hold you steady on your Path,
to let the lotus flowering begin.

Knowings, accomplishments, healings,
Opportunities, nurturing, death.
Creations, serpents and divinely power,
Simply come with just your breath.
Upgrades, clearings, visions,
Intent with DNA activations.
All a part of Earth Mother’s gifts,
to support all our life situations.
So back to the reason I wrote this poem,
for Carmel and her team.
For all their support and loving hugs,
as I scrubbed my heart all clean.
Thank you Guides for writing with me!
‘A poem!’ you said at the start…
A true gift, is a true gift indeed,
When it is spoken from the

Heart I Love you, Zana.