Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls®

PLEASE NOTE: Every crystal bowl is unique. We are unable to guarantee that we will get another like it. So if a piece resonates with you be sure to make your purchase in a timely manner to avoid disappointment.

Atlantis Rising offers FREE SHIPPING within Australia.

Atlantis Rising Healing Centre is a Partner with Crystal Tones®️ Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls®️.

Crystal Tones®️ singing bowls bring the Highest Clean Clear Vibrations…

Transferring the Mineral Energy of Crystalline Intelligence through the Aura,Energy Field and Light Body…. As well as Every Single Cell in your Body!

Crystal Tones®️ singing bowls are made with only the HIGHEST-GRADE Quartz Crystal, over 99.99% PURE… Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls®️ include other Rare and Precious Gems and Crystals AMPLIFIED by this Highest-Grade Quartz.

Each Crystal Tones®️ Crystal bowl is a unique, one of a kind musical instrument. The alchemy through the high temperature production can create amazing visual landscapes in the bowls. The Crystal bowl may have imperfections, visible air bubbles, and manufacturing marks. These imperfections do not affect the sound of the bowl which have passed Crystal Tones®️ Quality Control measures. We encourage you to read our Terms & Conditions page to be fully informed.

Atlantis Rising offers FREE SHIPPING in Australia. If you are purchasing from outside Australia 10% will be discounted from the RRP for tax purposes. Importing tax/charges may apply, contact your local customs office. Contact us for International Shipping Quotes.

At Atlantis Rising Healing Centre, Carmel opens you up to the Multidimensional experience from the incredible selection of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls®️, you become immersed in a Sound and Light show of pure Bliss…

The individual experience takes you Out of the Mind and EARTH you…

Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls®️ from the Atlantis Rising Temple selection of Crystal Tones®️ singing bowls create a sense of Weightlessness; your Emotional; Physical and Mental Self realign into its Natural State of Balance…. Bringing Deep Transformative Healing…

Carmel is a Direct Channel to Earth Mother. She is an Earth Mother Whisperer..  The Atlantis Rising Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl®️ Temple was established in 2014…  The bowls Heart opens to become a co-creative unique experience under Earth Mothers  direction.

Crystalline Intelligence is as old as Earth Mother herself, (3 billion + years!)Earth Mother is in co-creation with you as she provides the crystalline conduit for your Intelligent Heart…  You are supported as Carmel ‘Holds Space’ for you, so the Direct Intelligence of Earth Mother can speak to you…

Allow your Hearts Intelligence to Guide you when you choose your Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls®️ for your individual needs in prescribed Sets.. or for finding your Signature Heart bowl..

At Atlantis Rising Healing Centre & Mystery School, a Partner with Crystal Tones®️.  your journey with Crystalline intelligence and Sound is a reverential experience with your own Intelligent Heart and the Heart of Earth Mother through HER crystalline family.   

  • Earth Mother provides the conduit for ‘her’ intelligence to be in co-creation with you.   
  • You are in a co-creating relationship with the bowl, it intuitively calls you!      
  • The responses can be very intense physically: ie. Energy surges, Emotions come to the surface, others experience a sense of Knowing;  a Bliss, while others find the bowl is a Self Nurturing or a Protective Force
  • You may FEEL Chills; or Warmth when you connect with a bowl.
  • OR none of the Above.. you may just be totally drawn to the Colour of the bowl…

We support you by holding space, so you can feel your direct relationship with the crystalline intelligences and ‘let them speak to you’.

What are the bowls made of?

Crystal Tones® crystal singing bowls are made with ONLY THE HIGHEST GRADE Quartz Crystal that is guaranteed to be over 99.99% pure! No other Crystal Bowl can approach this level of purity because Crystal Tones® uses quartz from the most sought after mine in North Carolina known worldwide for its unsurpassed quality. 

Crystal Tones® singing bowls are produced on a one-of-a-kind custom-built machine that utilizes a proprietary quartz fusion technology. This allows for the absolute highest magma temperature during production, and creates a highly stable crystalline matrix in every Crystal Tones® singing bowl. This is a quality difference you can clearly HEAR and FEEL. 

What are Advanced Alchemy Crystal Tones bowls?

Advanced Alchemy bowls are Crystal bowls that are made with the Highest Grade CLEAR QUARTZ PLUS other Rare and Precious Gems, Minerals and  Metals.  The bowl may contain one or more precious minerals.

How do Crystal bowls heal?

Our entire human body down to our very DNA is crystalline in structure, causing it to respond and resonate with the extraordinary frequencies associated with quartz crystal. The specific harmonic energy that emanates from crystal singing bowls is determined not only by the bowl size and shape, but the combining of pure quartz with other elements including precious gems and minerals. 

How do I CHOOSE a Bowl?

At Atlantis Rising we assist you to choose your bowl through your own Intelligent Heart.  By connecting with your HEART to the HEART of the bowl you can INTUITIVELY FEEL which bowl is right for you. 

What happens when I use multiple bowls at once?
  • The first bowl purchased is your Signature Heart  bowl, it is your signature bowl.   You begin to Awaken your Intelligent Heart through forming a relationship with your Intelligent Heart through the bowl.
  • Others invest in Sets of 3 – a Divine Feminine bowl, a Divine Masculine Bowl & an Earth Mother bowl, creating with the Triad Energy, and built up their personal collection. 
  • You may like to INVEST in a Sacred Elements Set of bowls – AIR: EARTH: FIRE  and WATER. These sets can be built up to create your own ‘Stargate Grid’ of 25 Bowls. 
  • Others purchase, creating sacred space in private and retreat spaces. 
  • Some people become a Crystalline Master Practitioner, using the bowls with other healing modalities (eg. Reiki, Yoga etc) and conduct Sound Immersion with their clients and students including Gridding and Planetary Healing.
Do you offer TRAINING with the Bowls?

Yes, we offer an ongoing support service to help deepen the magical energy of the bowls heart in Training Programmes; Tours; Workshops; Meditation & Sound Immersion.  We can assist you to ACTIVATE your Bowl to its HIGHEST POTENTIAL.

We also have a bowl practitioner course, that will train you to heal and awaken yourself and others.

If you would like to activate your bowl or find out more about becoming a bowl practitioner, fill out the contact form and ask our staff for more info