Senju Kannon™ Usui REIKI Training

Heart Consciousness Workshops

This new material goes beyond my previously published book “Awaken Your Immortal Intelligent Heart” .
During this interactive “Hands on Heart Course”, you will become Entrained to really “Speak the language of the ONE HEART”, “the Heart that collectively connects to the ALL of Every Living Thing.”
Together we focus on:
  • The Heart and Breath.
  • Breath entrainment, opening up your heart, having encodements placed in it for remembering.
  • The force of consciously creating with your HEART as a remembering BEING, who is able to assist you birthing your true CORE IDENTITY, bringing EARTHING.
  • The understanding of how CRYSTALLINE INTELLIGENCE through our entire Stargate Hearts Matrix can co-create with EARTH MOTHER’S Intelligence, HER Elements and Forces by playing and being attuned to CRYSTAL TONES Advanced alchemy Singing Bowls Demonstrations and group playing.
You will feel the pull or the DIRECT PATH, the Middle Ground, THE WAY OF THE HEART, through your hearts intelligence bringing permanent PEACE, ORDER, and BALANCE to your life, through empowering visualisation and entrainment exercises. 
You will be given techniques for awakening your inner ” KA“, (your subtle energy templates) through the Intelligence of the Heart, channelling the LIFE FORCE of all states of being vibrating to the ONE Heart.
Minimum Number of 8 Attendees for Workshop to continue.
Level 2 available soon!