What is an Intelligent Heart and How do I Awaken It?

When you live through the intelligence of your heart, you are no longer searching for truth; you bring your truth with you into every moment. To upgrade into your intelligent heart is one of the greatest gifts you could ever receive.

Mostly, individual lives are out of balance, directed by the mind without the balance of a fully functioning heart. People struggle and experience the frustration of trying to satiate the natural need for love, peace, and a sense of well being that the awakened heart brings, trying instead to fulfil those needs with things like bigger incomes, more gadgets, romance, religion, adrenaline fixes, and “plastic” spirituality. The need we seek to fulfil is satiated truly by the acceptance of our own heart, and by feeling your heart connection to other hearts and realising your connection to the one heart.

An intelligent heart has its five senses activated, it balances the endocrine system of your body beautifully, it has its own IQ, the revitalising, health-restoring Mitochondrial DNA (MtDNA) is activated, and ultimately the intelligent heart is the doorway to the “unified field” of creation.

The heart is the seat of our greatest intelligence and the term “intelligent heart” is not just an analogy, the heart is an actual intelligent organ. The heart has a brain. In fact, more than half of the heart is composed of the same type of neurons that are found in the cerebral system, the “cranial brain” in our heads. The sometimes called “little” brain in our heart contains a circuitry of around 40,000 neurons, as well as neurotransmitters and other cells like those found in the cranial brain. The discovery of the heart’s brain has given rise to an amazing new field of study called Neuro-cardiology.9

Imagine now, your hearts own brain talking to you all the time.

What is it saying to you right now?

Ask it: “My hearts brain, tell me what I must do about my health, relationships, career, financials etc.”

When we see our heart’s intelligence is the barometer for our emotional, mental, and physical well being. It is important to listen to the heart and monitor its intelligence. Your heart’s IQ is measured by the love you are capable of receiving and giving; with the immeasurable love our heart is capable of, why does it stop feeling? It stops feeling when we wall up emotional hurt. By walling up emotional hurt we prevent our heart from being able to see, feel, and remember. What shape is your heart in right now? Ask yourself, “How is my heart’s IQ?” How much love am I receiving? How much love am I giving out? By going into a meditative state and going into the heart’s intelligence you will find a space within your heart that knows all answers about your heart’s IQ.

Never has it been as important a time than right now to step into this new view of yourself. We are being faced with an epidemic of health crises, with heart disease being the biggest killer of human life on the planet. You only have one precious moment to make the quantum shift into a reality which my not only save your physical self but give you an opportunity to see yourself holographically as well. For what you are doing for your heart not only improves the quality and quantity of your life, but the whole world as well.

Be the best judge of yourself, and keep saying:

Heart I Love you. Let’s talk!….


Reference from my book: Awaken your Immortal Intelligent Heart A Blue Print for Living in The Now.


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