INTENT Activates New Opportunities

As we Open the Gateway to a New month August; What is your INTENT for the month ahead?

Framing INTENT Sets a Template for Remembering, all we need for our month ahead.

Meditation/Reflection on the journey for the next month will bring MIRACLES if you just plan ahead now.

Alchemizing your INTENT, by witnessing where the struggle has been the past month and not bringing any memory of it to the NEW OPPORTUNITIES which will begin to ACTIVATE the moment you SHREAD the past.

Struggle and Challenge is always the Rebellious Adolescent in us; who won’t conform to the Teacher/Parent; The Intelligent Heart.

Activate your own New Opportunities by breaking down the Force of opposition with a Meditation. This allows you to become a witness to the Opportunities Developing.

Your Intelligent Heart, when given SPACE and HARMONY will ACTIVATE and begin to send TRANSMISSIONS to the brain which will detour from the traffic chaos ahead on the path.

Become a witness now to your New Opportunities, as you begin to feel the Vibration of Total Expansion and Upliftment. Very often we fail to acknowledge your own unique contribution to yourself and your world.

Opening up to the Vibration of Expansion on this NEW CYCLE, will support you in Releasing your own Limitations in what you CAN create.

OPEN UP to SELF WORTH; with more Self Care, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually. Strengthen your LION/LIONESS HEART on the Month of August ( Star sign of LEO)

OPEN UP to being an INSPIRATION to others; develop DRIVE and STAMINA. Become more committed to your DREAMS and OPEN your Intelligent Lion/Lioness Heart to Receive your own Power.

RELEASE struggle; ACTIVATE New Opportunities and be in LOVING Co-Creation with yourself as the perfect creation in the world.

Heart I love you ALL.



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