Consciously Activating your MtDNA is the Gift of REJUVENATION

Beginning the journey to Activate the Heart’s Intelligence brings to your life a sense of peace and order. There is a quiet reverence for all of life and an acceptance of what life brings. Your cells right now are undergoing transformation for renewal and regeneration. Rejuvenate your own DNA now by consciously Activating the MtDNA by intoning:

  • “Heart I Love you, Heart I Love You, Heart I Love You”
  • “I want the whole body flushed from toxic material and that all DNA can be repaired when toxic material is released from your system.”

ASKING for this gift brings you into harmony with your own true purpose in being human. You will begin to live humanely and humanly for yourself. This process brings up suppression. Suppressed emotions that you have stored all of your life surface when the full component of your DNA becomes activated through the MtDNA.

You are vibrating now to the release of toxins in your body, this process requires you to be still; very still and peaceful in the process of cellular regeneration. Regeneration requires stillness and peace. Remembering your perfect self now begins to surface, as your full potential is becoming visible.

Allow the spirit of complete trust in the surrender process to bring your heart into alignment with its true purpose; it shines and begins to feel welcomed in the human journey. This is a sacred time in your Earth journey right now as you bring the peace and remembering to all that you do, think, and feel. The essence of all you do lies deep within you where you become totally one with all around you. This remembering of who you are reinforces in you peace, light, and order. This is a time to pour the Activation of the MtDNA’s throughout your whole molecular structure, even your skeletal system and marrow.

To feel this energy, brings light and power to you right now as you begin to really create a space for love and trust for yourself now. All around you is the opportunity to love and trust. The opportunity to love and trust brings you a new identity. This new identity allows you to go deeply within yourself discovering the lost treasures of your past remembering.

All around you is the capacity to love. Look at the things to love. Start saying to yourself that every day you look for experiences which reinforce the capacity to love in your life. Feel this now, and as you do, open up wider to the part of yourself that has love encoded in it. Love is encoded in every living thing. Finding that capacity within yourself to embrace your own capacity to love only what is loving, not what is dangerous or evil. Draw out the danger of your own fears now to love every living aspect of yourself. No harm can really touch you. Mostly these fears come from fear of your feminine remembering.

Reflect on the nature of the “feminine” as this is where the fear lay. The word “feminine” creates different reactions in people. Fear will be found in the resistance the masculine MIND puts up against the “feminine” remembering. By work shopping what “the feminine” means to you, you will begin to allow yourself to create a view of your world through the lens of the feminine heart.

Meditation to complement the Activation of the MtDNA

Right now, just allow the surrender to take place within you. Feel the gentle surrender. You are floating on the Nile; the river of life and your felucca is just drifting in the wind. The breeze is gentle, soft against your skin. Feel this now.

Again, dip your hands into the silky texture of the Nile, its coolness reminding you to really feel peace in your heart. Allow the surrender to take place in observing the sand mountains, feeling energetically loved by all of nature. Feel this now, and just allow yourself to drift off in your own world, your own dreamtime.

To begin the journey to heal fragments of DNA and restore missing codings requires patience and discipline. The journey to the heart is fraught with perils as old patterns of fear keep resurfacing at a time when you are beginning to really feel your heart. You are forgiving a part of yourself now that keeps trying to destabilize new opportunities. You must feel now these new opportunities as challenges to destroy all that is not light filled in your life. You must feel the freedom now of mergence and light as you must honor the part of yourself that knows this truth and wants to live with total integration of all your energetic selves.

You are always going to have to challenge these belief patterns as you give your heart to yourself. For the gift of your heart to yourself keeps you in the remembering space, and you must constantly strive to remember your own light and power. Concentrated light burns. It burns away everything that is not needed in your life. Feeling this concentrated light brings you into total resonance with all there is, as you bring to your world peace, light, and power.

To achieve the delicate balance of peace, light, and power requires you to keep remembering all you ever were and all you ever will be. This is time for powerful cellular transformation right now. You are in a pure space for remembering now.

This process brings the power of the force; the statement “May the Force be with you”becomes a living energy for the MtDNA to be activated.

When we consciously activate our MtDNA, it is a gift of rejuvenation.


Heart I Love you,


REFERENCE: Awaken your Immortal Intelligent Heart 

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