New Identity – Old Reality

As we begin to assess our New Identity, right now, it is vital to observe what is Important and what must go..

Shedding Old Skins of our worn out habits; beliefs and attributes are now being presented to humanity collectively as we begin to emerge from the ‘chaos’ of the pandemic and RESTRUCTURE.

Assessment of your totality begins with NOW; not examining the Past, and analysing it; giving your power away to a collective force of fear which creates hatred, division & greed.

Never has there been a more important time than now to Step into your own Power and observe your Mind trying to SWITCH gears; dragging you back into the Collective pit of fear.

Right NOW the CORE of Humanity must shape itself to change direction and find in the new world a Sense of Hope; Peace and Renewal. Your call is upon yourself to obey only RULE: Observe ALL around you, (like a detached witness) and gain authority over your totality by saying: “This is NOT MY reality”.

This does not imply that you are withdrawing from life or living without compassion. In fact, witnessing your relationship with yourself must be your FIRST and ONLY priority, as the ship slowly turns to Chart a NEW Course.

By observing your Mind and its incessent need to take you ‘Off Course’, you are creating within yourself a sense of ‘Inner control’; over mass fear and grief at the losses. (family, business, lifestyle etc).

We are at the ‘Tipping Point’. Its a question now of:

“How can I hold myself today, in my Centre?”

My NEW IDENTITY is not to give in to the cauldron of darkness..

It is OK to make ‘you’ a priority and when you do; The Force of gravity pulls you into a world of real Peace within yourself as you gain POWER in OBSERVING the Mind and its ‘anxiety, fear, & depression’ causing you to become part of the collective fear, rage etc.. This robs you of your NEW OPPORTINITIES right now.

Give yourself right now, a sense of Peace; Hope and Renewal, by NOT referencing the Past, giving it power over your Totality.

Start NOW…Today..Live in this Moment. Live on The Direct Path, The Middle Ground; The Path of the HEART.

Heart I Love you, Carmel.

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