Living Through your Abundant Intelligent Heart

Throughout life our definition of abundance changes.  A child’s “abundance” is determined by her/his level of consciousness, and is different from an adult or elderly person’s.

How do ‘You’ determine what is abundant living or not?

A simple check list is always an important thing here.  Does this ‘need’ relate to security, desire, pleasure, passion etc.

What does having abundance serve if you cannot live with a peace filled heart.?
Right now we are living in a world which reflects greed, materialism and desire, over simple truth.

Your Abundant Heart is your best guide to consult when determining what is really important in your life right now.

Check in with your ‘Heart’s Intelligence’ first.

Be aware of the difference – this intelligence cannot be confused with your emotional heart, which co creates with the mind to get needs met.

Ask your ‘Intelligent Heart’ (sometimes called  the ‘Spiritual Heart’) what it is you need for your abundance today?
Your spiritual- intelligence heart lies just below your physical heart and should be consulted always, to give you a truth-filled answer.

This puts you on the direct path and you will get what your heart needs, not what your ego, mind and emotions desire.

The ancient Egyptians taught in their Mystery School initiations that, “the heart was the lord and master”.  By obeying the Law of Maat,  a system of justice saw the heart weighted and judged fairly in the afterlife. (the heart being wrapped and placed back in the mummy, weighted against the dross of a material filled life …light as a feather  or ….heavier than lead) The ancient Egyptians created a civilisation that was the mightiest in the ancient world.

The ancient Mayan culture in Central America (where I have recently studied) tell us that the heart heals the mind.  If we take our heart’s energy to our mind, release the contents of the mind, for the heart to dispose of, in The Earth (called Ixmukane, Mother of The Earth) we can truly live abundant lives.

By asking for our ‘Intelligent Hearts’ to provide answers, brings us true abundance in all areas of our life.

We release identification with everything that does not forward our peace, and we bring to our lives all we need to “Receive love”.
The enormity of such a simple statement “Heart I love you” can be profoundly moving, and it is possible to be so moved as to spontaneously burst into tears, by this simple statement.

“Heart I love you”.

Express it to yourself daily, even hourly if in trouble.

We have the ancient teachings to prove it works.

“Heart I love you all”.


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