Love you to The Moon and Back

When you tell someone you “Love them to the Moon and Back” you are not just saying something amusing or flippant

By stating this you are unconsciously connecting to your/their lunar selves.

Our Hearts are essentially LUNAR and SOLAR manifestations of energy.  The Moon is a Feminine Lunar Energy, it is closest to Earth, and radiates energy to the Earth.  It regulates the hormonal function, tidal forces and atmosphere. (Refer to my book: The Alchemies of Isis p. 208)

By intending that you are loving a person, “TO THE MOON AND BACK” you are drawing on the energy of the MOON which magnetises their hearts, providing it with vital life enhancing energy.

Science tells us that the heart creates enough energy to “drive a truck 20 miles EVERY DAY”.  Measured in a lifetime that is equivalent to driving to  “THE MOON AND BACK! “ 

Your heart is the driving Force that fuels your creative endeavours, and is pivotal in regulation of your relationship with ALL of LIFE including the hearts of your LOVED ONES.  Your Heart’s Unconditional Love;  it’s “Intelligence” known as the “intelligence of the heart” was taught to Ancient Egyptian Initiates in their Mystery Schools.

Sages spoke of the HEART being THE MOTHER.

It is both Solar and Lunar.  (Her Bak Egyptian Initiate. Author – Isla  Swaller De Lubicz )

The driving Force of the Sun is Solar and drives the heart, it’s Lunar is receptive, nurturing, passive.

 Our hearts movements are rhythmic, like the alterations of our world. 

Contraction, dilation, are essential alternation, cause of all formation.

The air channel conveys breath called “Nef” in Ancient Egyptian Teachings. 

The heart gives alternate movements, breath and movement generate heat.

Our hearts are doing this without us being consciously aware of this amount of energy generated by our hearts.

Essentially the Ancient Egyptian Sages taught through text and symbol.

They said that when “the intelligence of the heart lights up the way is wide open to him and he has full liberty.” 

Your Hearts Intelligence, it’s Solar and Lunar function, light up your creation, creating power to LOVE TO THE MOON AND BACK. 

Heart, I Love You,



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Her Bak Egyptian Initiate. Author – Isla Swaller De Lubicz

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