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Mergence with The Forces…

To begin to see yourself in co-creation with the Forces assisting you brings a world view which Sustains, Nourishes and Replenishes you. 

  • Just begin to imagine The Forces; what are they and their realm?

Just allow yourself now the simple sweet surrender to the Elements firstly..

Our Elements of Air; Fire; Water and Earth can be friendly or hostile.  However, it is to understand the Nature of the Elements and how they can be Balanced within your Central Core Matrix, which will give you command over the rampant chaotic energies which continually destabilize our Beingness.  

This Balance within invites the Beings through the realms of the Forces to be Activated.  For the Activation right now to establish itself I suggest:

  • You set your INTENT for your Day, Week or Month(s) ahead.   For your Intent is the radar which sweeps the field; IE The UNIFIED FIELD to establish How the Forces can be Activated. 
  • IMAGINE the INTENT coming from your Intelligent Heart; going out to scan the Unified Field (The Forces – Torus of Infinity)
  • Be aware of How the Radar Map is looking. (similar to a weather map)
  • REMEMBER, we must Balance the Elements for the Realm of the forces to merge with the Balance elements.
  • The FORCES Activate to our Balanced Elements; and this can be no better demonstrated than by scanning our own body and feeling where our Elements need fine tuning..

An UNBALANCED EARTH ELEMENT in our body will see us not living in the moment..  Fantasying about the imagined future and drawing old past patterns.  Destroying the most Essential of elements our EARTH…

Now Activating the EARTH ELEMENT; drawing in Nourishing Crystalline Intelligence, Sacred Geometric Forces through Earth Mother enables us to create from the space of the now…

Once the INTENT has been established and Earthed in Earth Mothers elements; (IE: Her Aire; Fire; Water and Earth) the other elements begin their adjustment under Your INTENT.

To create through the realm of the forces themselves is a Gift and you can Manifest through the realm of The forces safely and lovingly.

We ALL have the capacity to create through the forces and their realm, through understanding ourselves as Quantum Beings, living in the density and intensity of our human incarnation.  

We can become our true Avatar Self, however, the INTENT must come through the Earth elements primarily and the realm of The Forces, the invisible helpers then begin to emerge. 

As the Quantum Physicist, Nassim Haramein, whose breakthrough studies in the Unified Field has discovered …


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