The High Priest Part ll

more from my new book The High Priest..
Firewalker Visualization Exercise:

Try and visualize yourself now as a firewalker. Really imagine the level of concentration and energy you would need for the Red Hot coals not to burn your soles of your feet. Feel the essence of fire searing the skin, but not burning it. The weapon of fire must be mastered for the Priest.

“I master fear through fire”

“I master fear through the element of fire”

“All fear around fire and burning must go”

Fire purges, cleanses and makes new. We burn off our old dross daily and we create new. The essence of fire is in cleansing, cleanse and burn of the old to make new again. You need to feel the frequency of fire around you to cleanse and burn off dross. You need now to create with the essence of fire. You need strong pure energy to transform your heart. The essence of fire is in you now to cleanse and burn off all that is not required for your journey with the High Priest. The High Priest will be born through the vibration of Fire. The fire is the surrender to the Priesthood and Priests in ancient times had their initiations by fire. Fire now is allowed to be part of your cellular memory as a purging, burning vibration.

See yourself now descending into a fiery furnace. You see yourself now observing yourself, about to be consumed. Look at yourself as you lay on your coffin, or stone table. Really examine yourself. You are now going to allow yourself the gift of rebirth through the element of fire. Fire is the first element of ascension. You must now feel the fire. Surrender to its mighty force and majesty to burn off all your fears and limitations about your Immortal self. You are about to blow yourself apart with the heat of the flames, which will explode through your body now, cracking your skull. Feel your skull crack wide open now, as the forces rip through you, as you lay there charred and now, ash. You see your Immortal Priest begin to be born

Watch him slowly appear now. Watch him come to life through the ashes of your past. Feel him emerging through a coil of gentle smoke or mist. Feel this now. Observe him. What has he to say to you now? What has he to bring you? Watch for him. Breathe him into you as you feel him pulsing in your root chakra. Feel him rising through your energy centres. Hold him now at your heart centre. Hold him now.
Make a contract with him.

Give him your honor.
Give him your truth.
Give him your belief in what you are worth.

You will now feel his power rip into your very being. You are not afraid of each other now. You are both fearless. You are both free. You are born free. You are born free now to begin to create with your High Priest as you now are consecrated. You have consecrated yourself to him and you are now in a position to really allow him to merge with you.




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