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Begin by stating what your INTENT is:  To Reform Your Totality…

Reform means total release from the past.  I am Reformed….  

To reform your totality is to recognise your totality must be included in everything. 

Mostly we can’t envisage what it is like to reform our totality.  So, let’s not THINK about it; but instead offer GRATITUDE and KINDNESS to ourselves at every opportunity…

Our sense of Self-worth can only come from a Heart that is filled with Gratitude for ourselves.

You may just allow yourself this time now to be Grateful to yourself for the unique gifts you have; and how these gifts have reshaped your totality.

To Reform means just that – RE Form… RE Assemble… RE Build…   If you have been broken…  ie: your Heart is broken through betrayal, it is at this moment you can Stop procrastinating and berating yourself or punishing yourself, by simply being in the Magic of your totality.

  • My Total Self cannot Re Form, if I don’t judge, criticize myself or burn myself out with regret…

Invite your Intelligent Heart to help you Reform your Totality, by asking yourself now:

  • “Heart I love you.  Please share with me now, how I can Reform my Totality”
  • Be STILL; aware of allowing the Forces to create with your Heart; just being in this pure space of nothingness…  
  • WAIT… and the message will just drop into your Consciousness…

For myself:  I like to imagine myself inside my Heart…  I am in a Sacred Chamber…  It is my Secret Heart Space… 

I offer a Gift to myself and my totality for this opportunity – nothing but an Open Heart to Receive – is my gift.

We are all witnessing a fragmented humanity, hoping we can reform our totality; for humanity’s survival depends on it; for a commitment to yourself is a commitment to humanity as well.

Being aware Daily; Hourly sometimes when faced with a challenge…  am I considering my totality now?

Being Grateful for the gifts you have and how your unique gifts radiate out pure love for you…  you…  you…

Allows you the real pleasure of saying to yourself:

  • “Right now, I am in the totality of my Beingness”.

STOP and ALLOW your totality to be included in Everything.

Heart, I Love You All.

Carmel Glenane 

Reform your totality through HEART INTELLIGENCE Training..