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As we all are about to be launched into the end of year celebrations and chaos, it is a perfect time to STOP and REFLECT, just take a moment each day; to Inhale; Connect to your Inner Self and create SILENT STILLNESS…

When you wish to create Immortality you will need to Embrace Silence.

You always needs a silent space within your life so you can grow new aspects of yourself and let the Immortals come through. You need to allow yourself the space for this to take place, and finding the inner space is very important for your day.

Allowing yourself time to create that inner space means you need to be consciously aware of your time and to monitor what you are giving out to others; this will give you what you need for your inner life of silence, stripped bare of all pretensions and illusions.

The joy of sharing yourself with no one but yourself is a call from the soul to recognize it, and because you are seeking Immortality, you will need to give yourself this time to develop the sense of spirit within.

Your silent space allows for remembrance of things past, and you will feel a sense of recall and remembrance of long-forgotten truths about yourself. Your silent space embraces this wholeness; this remembering and this shared life you have with yourself will bring a rich reward to you.

Going within and feeding your soul is a goldmine; you can find that your life will give you all you want: allow yourself time and space in your day to embrace total silence and allow the immortality of your soul to soar and flow.

“I allow myself to embrace immortality by being in a space of silence, with no restrictions and absolute freedom for all of Life. “

While you allow yourself your silent space, you must be active within this silence. This silence is not passive or sleepy. It is active and watchful. The silence must be watched.

Observe your silence carefully.

What intrudes upon this silence?

Look carefully at this silent space. Allow the thoughts to just float and drift. They may land like a butterfly, but only for a moment. Just observe them and give them no energy whatsoever. This will create a greater volume of space of pure essential light and peace. You can feel that you can really trust and surrender in this light space.

This space creates the real you to emerge; the real you emerges now, and you are going to be the ‘you’ that you truly know you are. You are now creating in your life a space for that truth to emerge, and when it does, you will be in surrender and love to all there is.

Know now that you are able to lovingly support yourself in that truth, that it merges into you when you are released from your silent space and you are whole to find the spark of immortality to bring to your daily life your truth, love, and wholeness.

Begin now to silently witness your truth;

Begin now to be in a space of shared truth and love for yourself so you can grow your immortality.

Tell yourself, “My immortality and truth are for me when I witness myself in loving silence.”

Heart I Love you,




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