Seeing is Believing! One of the most powerful images I have seen in the relationship bewtween the Galaxy and Red Blood Cells having Torodial Structural Ratios… says Nassim Haramein (a visionary scientist of breakthrough discoveries and unifyed physics theories) Within the cross section of a Red Blood Cell is the exact relpication of The Galaxy.

Our Red Blood Cells can be Activated to connect to this Source Raw Powerful Energyand our HEARTS are the ACTIVATORS. When we are in Loving Co-creation with our Intelligent Heart, we can programme the INTELLIGENT HEART to send messages to the Red Blood Cells to allow us to live with the Raw Power and Energy to Birth our true Health Inner and Outer.

As our HEARTS have the biggest Energy Field of our bodies, and at the Centre of its Centre is a point of singularity that is both infinately small and infinately dense, it is a Doorway within our bodies to the Universal Vacumn A Doorway to the Infinite! It is a point that is beyond time and space. This point is within everything and it is your connection to ALL knowledge.  It is the place where spirit washes in and matter takes a dip into the ocean of the spirit. It is where the inside becomes the outside and the smallest of the small opens to the expansive infinite. 

Red Blood Cells are powerful universal transmitters of energy in our body and when we communicate with them through the Intelligent Heart, we are now coming to a conscious understanding of the workings of this field of “Oneness with the All.” We stand in a timeless time in humanity’s collective consciousness, when the hints left to us by those who attained this knowledge, through the deep intuitive wisdom of our hearts which has been expressed by sages and mystics throughout the ages, is now merging with the current level of scientific knowledge. As a result of, the breakthrough discoveries and unifying theories of Nassim Haramein, we are for the first time in humanity’s modern history now at a place where the wisdom of our sages and our ancient symbolism is in attunement with our mathematical equations and scientific knowledge.

Open up to The Galaxies and become your own Unified Self.

Heart I love you, Carmel.



Awaken your Immortal Intelligent Heart


Image by Welcome to the Golden Page

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