4 Simple Steps to Awaken your Intelligent Heart

These 4 Simple Steps can change your life exponentially! We ALL have this incredibly intelligent organ in our bodies and we are ALL capable of Activating it!

The NUMBER 1 very simple way to begin to awaken to your heart’s intelligence is to SIMPLY PLACE your HANDS on your HEART.

Just put your hands over your heart and let your awareness focus there. Just placing your hands there will bring your awareness to your heart. You don’t have to do anything; don’t have to force anything, just simply place your hands over your heart. You can do this many times throughout the day. Simply bringing your awareness to your heart will begin to awaken you to its intelligence.

With your hands on your heart, feel the love and affection you have for it, this amazing organ that supports your life.

NUMBER 2: Smile to your heart. A smile heals, and smiling to your heart helps develop your ability to give and receive love. Smiling to your heart is like bathing in love.

Right now do this; combine Number 1 and 2:

  1. Place your hands on your heart.
  2. Smile to your heart.

Now add NUMBER 3 to the mix:

Say to your heart: “Heart, I love you.”

You may feel tightness in your chest, an expansion of your heart, or a feeling of calm or bliss. You may not feel anything at all.

You may even find it hard to tell your Heart that you Love it!

Just try it: Relax deeply and keep your awareness on your heart, gently letting your heart know, “Heart, I love you.”

Do this daily, as many times as you feel, because you cannot overdose on love.

  • Place your hands on your Heart
  • Smile to your heart
  • Say: ‘Heart I Love You’….

Smiling to your heart and intoning: “Heart, I love you” is a very powerful practice; it allows your heart a new way of functioning.

“Heart, I love you” taps into a rich river of power and light for your self-discovery. Many people feel separate from their heart and find it difficult to begin this dialogue to attune to their heart.

By intoning, “Heart, I love you” you are shifting old stuck patterns, opening the pathways for this remembering. The process of allowing this to take place brings you now into resonance with all there is. What is “all there is for the heart?”

You are feeling now the precious magic of this gift awakening you and allowing you to really begin to feel the love for an organ you probably didn’t really “own.”

The peace of allowing your own heart to tell you what it wants for your day brings to you a rare sense of ownership of your humanness. This dialogue can begin a new awakening of your true humanness. Your heart’s “ears” must be finely tuned for this awakening now, as you bring this gift to yourself.

NUMBER 4: you may like to begin a “Heart Speaks” diary and record in it each day what your heart has to say as you begin to have a conscious dialogue with your heart.

To begin your heart speak conversations is to acknowledge that your intelligent heart has a brain and consciousness which goes beyond anything you could have previously imagined.

Establishing a dialogue with your heart teaches you to be silent, to be a witness to your heart’s birth in your human storybook.

You are beginning to pour love and light into this part of yourself now, as you awaken to the part of yourself that lies dormant and has been a sleeping giant. Feeling this love and energy brings you a sense of magic and worth, in a way you couldn’t imagine.

Allowing this special magic allows you to really bring to your life the knowing that your heart will talk to you in dialogue when you begin to say daily:

“Heart, I love you.” Saying to your heart, “Heart, I love you,” allows you to tap into an undiscovered part of yourself, one, which only knows peace and light. The joy of allowing the heart to bring you its magic is in allowing the truth of your heart to be revealed to yourself. “Why do you want an intelligent heart?” “What is in it for you to want to embrace this truth?”

Your life force magnifies enormously when this energy is around you, and you must feel the magic, the essence, and the life force of all around you bringing you all you need for your life. Just feeling this essence allows the sacred forces to create with you. The sacred forces correspond to your heart’s intelligence, as they are attuning to your heart all the time.

By being still and attentive to your heart’s remembering you are activating dormant cells in your heart. Every cell becomes alive to its potential as the essence of this remembering brings you now into complete harmony with your own truth. For you are a witness to yourself in this remembering and you are bringing to your world your power to love. Your power to love is shaped by the conditions you feed it.

What fodder are you feeding your heart right now?

The conditions your mind places on your remembering is an enormous struggle for the heart. You are feeling this power and light begin to awaken you from your slumber and your mind will create every diversion it can think of so it must be put firmly into the background, for then it has no control. You must be very gentle with this part of yourself for the mind needs to be trained and molded. Molding and shaping this part of your consciousness brings you home, to your own special space of purity for all you are capable of.

Right now the expression of what your heart wants must be first acknowledged and surrendered to; you must want something the heart can bring you first, peace, space, order, love, abundance, wisdom, etc. Develop a relationship with your heart, and then you will begin to lovingly allow your heart to bring you all you need for its truth. This essence is shaping your relationship with all of life now.

Create your Daily Ritual in these 4 Simple Steps:

  • Place your hands on your Heart
  • Smile to your heart
  • Say: ‘Heart I Love You’….
  • Establish your Heart Speaks Diary…

Your Heart will LOVE you for it!


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