Awakening the Intelligent Heart – Part 1 Awakening

Carmel and DR Shelly Sykes
Carmel and DR Shelly Sykes

Carmel being interviewed last month by Dr Shelly Sykes for her new series with Warner Bros. “Get Syked”… discussing “Activating the Intelligent Heart”. Carmel’s new book with scientist Lisa Malcolm soon to be released.

To open our hearts for activation, we must recognise our heart’s need acknowledging. Self Nurturing is the first experience a heart must feel to grow in a human body and develop it’s consciousness to full activation.
Imagine now you are welcoming your heart into the world. It has just been removed from your chest, and it is being placed in your hands. Hold your heart in your hands now. You have just given birth to it. The feeling of being welcome is something our heart needs to experience daily, or hourly if you are in crisis.
The following exercises are initiatory ones and support your heart in it’s first initiation:
Just being loved and truly adored by yourself is the greatest all loving experience you can give yourself. Try it..
For one hour, continually reinforce your “All Love” feeling for yourself. Just continue to maintain the vigil for one hour every day. This is the surest and most complete way you can begin your journey to your heart, the undiscovered part of yourself that only knows one thing. The thing is “yourself”.
You are ‘the thing’ itself, and this ‘self’ reinforces total commitment to all there is.

You need to really feel and express to yourself your commitment to living through the heart of “All Love”. The heart of “All Love” lives with peace and truth, and the peacefulness you experience must be above all else. Just allowing this precious peace to envelope you brings you home to the world of Power and Light. You are allowing this precious gift to envelope you and keep you in a space for all there is.

Are you ready to commit to one hour every day for one month resting and reinforcing loving feelings for your heart?

When you say Yes…Yes… you have already begun the process. You have told your heart that you are prepared to let it grow and be part of your totality.
Congratulations!! You have made your first step..Lets begin..
Settle in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for one hour. This is your hour to play with your baby, reassure her/him and just acknowledge that you love her/him.

Record in your ‘Heart Speaks’ diary, your experiences: they can range from boredom, frustration, tingles throughout your body, insights about yourself, anything that feels different.

Please share this blog with your friends so we can all ‘awaken our hearts’ together.

Heart I Love you,




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