Awakening The Intelligent Heart – Part lll

We are so excited at Atlantis Rising about the launch of this groundbreaking book, “AWAKENING THE INTELLIGENT HEART”,  early next year.  Here is some more food for your heart this week.  Please share it with everyone you know.       Heart I Love YOU….

Your senses activate your intelligent loving heart. The five primary senses relate to the elements and to the energy belts of the body. Determining the sense your heart resonates most strongly with helps to awaken your intelligent heart.

Right now, birthing the heart is the greatest act of courage any human can give themselves, as you are making a statement about your right to live on this planet in such a way which reflects truth. Your truth is a weapon for you to carve, and your truth brings with it power and light. Power and light bring the sense of magical renewal for all of life. All of life respects you now, as you bring to your world this act of remembrance. Just feeling now this act of remembrance allows you to really focus on the light of your heart growing for all there is.

The light of your heart grows for all to see.

Allowing this light to merge with you now feeds even more light and power into your heart. Your heart becomes fueled with this light and power. Bringing the light and power to your heart allows you to really own a part of yourself that has been lost, disconnected and shut off from remembering. You are allowing the power and essence to bring you all you need to feel safe, see, taste, touch and hear your truth. For when you activate your heart’s senses you have a fully intelligent, fully awakened heart to love.

The five primary sensory perceptions of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell are the doorways through which we experience the outside world. They are our body’s way of making ‘sense’ of the world. Our inner thoughts and feelings are very much influenced by what our sensory experience is at any given moment, what we think and how we feel are quite often a response or reaction to what our five senses are telling us. As what you are touching, tasting, seeing, hearing and smelling to a large extent determines what you will be thinking and how you will feel, psychologists aptly refer to the sensations as the raw materials of mental activities.

When we are deprived of all sensory experience, our doors to the outer world are closed and we are left in a world of our own imaginings. While this void of total sensory deprivation may have its initiatory place and purpose, the senses have the power to bring us into the present moment and to the intelligent heart. Being conscious of our sensory experience brings our awareness into the present moment. Realising and being conscious of your heart’s ability to truly sense, to actually see, taste, touch, hear and smell awakens your heart’s intelligence.

Heart I Love YOU..




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