Entering The Portal of The Hearts Secrets

As we begin to create a new reality we are reminded that it is our Heart, and its ancient laws, that must be listened to.

How can we access ancient, long forgotten wisdom from our own heart?  It’s simple..Just Ask!

To ask for help in our lives is the most powerful act of surrender for our Hearts.  So who do we ask for help?

When we are trying to solve our own ‘Riddle of The Sphinx’, sitting alone, with your intelligent heart in your hands;   Ask it..

“I need an answer heart, for my …relationship” or whatever issue you are mentally besieged by.

By taking time out, and linking to ‘The Mother’, in all her forms, ie. Earth Mother, Sky Mother, The Mother of our Heart, you will receive a beautiful charge of energy; an instant upliftment of your spirits.  Surrendering to ‘The Mother’ comes easily to us as babies and children, we surrender to Earth Mother daily in our need to survive on her planet.

When your consciousness is in alignment with the Heart of our Earth, the powerful life affirming manifestable energy of your own Immortal Intelligent Heart, and the Stellar Heart, you are in complete alignment with Divine Forces assisting you.

Visualise, your Grounding Cord (imagine an electrical cord) being plugged by yourself, into the socket of Earth Mother’s Heart; then bringing the magnetic energy of abundance up to your Heart;  then taking it up to the Stellar Heart (Sky void) from your Heart; then allowing the current to flow down again to your Heart and then back into Earth Mother’s Heart again. (like a figure of 8 loop)

Doing this three times in visualisation, brings the forces into alignment to assist you.

Entering the Portal of The Hearts Secrets through ‘The Mother’s’ wisdom creates in you instant peace and you will feel the power of yourself magnify.

This passage from my book: “The Miracle of The Mysteries Revealed through The Hearts Secrets” supports you now:

“Feel now the power of your earth’s heart create with you.  This is a magical time to honour your own earth’s heart.  Your earth’s heart keeps you protected and safe. When feeling unsafe, go down with a basket (in the basket is your heart) tell Earth Mother:  

“Protect my heart Earth Mother, I am afraid and I need help.”

 “Human life is a frightening place for me right now. Please assist and send me healing to keep my safe.”

Plug in and surrender.  You are safe..

Heart I love you,


REFERENCES: The Miracle of the Mysteries Revealed through The Hearts Secrets


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