Core Identity – Part V

Bringing to your world a realistic assessment of your “Self” is one of life’s greatest challenges.
Very few people are able to understand that they must have a “Core Identity!”

As I write this I am pondering the dilemmas of my clients today, who were taken aback, when I showed them that it was their lack of ‘CORE IDENTITY’ which was creating pain in their relationship patterns. Trying to get to the bottom of what we need in life, is just so challenging in a social environment which constantly feeds the ego’s need for pleasure and gratification.

I have just returned from one of the worlds most exciting and cosmopolitan cities, Bangkok, and witnessed first hand self gratification at every level. Yet, within this social landscape, the simple humility and service of the Thai’s themselves was astounding. Traffic jams up to 2 hrs daily, savage humidity doesn’t create in them the rage many westerners experience in such situations.

There is a respect for “Self”, and a respect for all life.
Respecting your ‘SELF’ is the first leap in consciousness in developing your ‘CORE IDENTITY’.
For example, you may like to ask yourself this question:

“Am I respecting myself in this situation?”
“Am I allowing myself to be taken advantage off?”

Again ask yourself”
“Would I do this to a child?” If my child was being bullied at school,bruised,bleeding etc, wouldn’t I as her parent want something done? …The answer … Of course you would

Respecting yourself as “That Child”, allows her core to develop.
When you ask to be shown truthfully if you are respecting yourself you will begin to align yourself with your ‘CORE IDENTITY’.
Love your child, and don’t allow “Yourself” to be the punishing parent.




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