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Crack the Code… Your are FREE..

Right now, consider the energies of the past cycle completely stabilized, as you enter the gateway of you own realized path.  Just consider now the One Heart, being birthed in humanities collective consciousness, through you.  You are the midwife, the creator of your own New Life..

You must just create a new reality around the destruction and hatred of the Principle of Living, which represent LOVE.   For the principle of LOVE is one of simple Acceptance of Life, as a jungle, dangerous enemies are all around.   However, observing yourself in this jungle and Protecting; not giving energy to any one aspect of danger, allows you the Bearer of Love to just feel Peace, despite the chaos.

For yourself right now, just Drop into the One Heart; where the Consciousness of the One Heart provides a Shield of Pure Crystalline Light around you. 

Within the Matrix of your Cells, you are feeling NOW, the Strengthening of your own ability to Crack the Code on the forces within you own Being which destabilize. 

Consider yourself, JUST FOR TODAY…  Completely FREE and IMMUNE from the forces which give you a sense of fear and self-betrayal at what you have created on Earth; you own Temple of Light.

  • CATCH the Light in your Temple, have it Radiate Out through the Cells of your Being…  
  • and Allow yourself the simple PEACE and LIGHT being human brings.

CREATE now a PORTAL OF SAFETY in your Consciousness through me, (Earth Mother) to allow you now the simple allowance being in the One Heart brings.  Birth your community now; become One in this community, as you and all humans; other Divine Beings; Star Civilization Intelligences create your own colony; a WEB; a MATRIX of LIGHT PEACE and RENEWAL…

  • Go to this PORTAL of the ONE HEART, to RECHARGE your Nervous System and commune with your own vibrating One Heart Beings.
  • You offer each other ENLIGHTENMENT, PEACE, HEALING and Solace from the battle ground of your humanities struggle against itself to find Love. 
  • If you NEED EXTRA SUPPORT…  Visualize an Umbilicus Cord between yourself and these ALL ONE HEART BEINGS under the Earth…
  • You can gain Nourishment and Replenishment to keep growing your Heart…
  • Visualize yourself PLUGGING IN NOW…
  • FEEL the Support and simple JOY right now..

The Goddess of the One Heart of Remembering reminds you of your Power.   You are not a mouse, you are an Ambassador of the most Powerful Imaginable LIGHT, as you truly envision yourself through the vibration of the One Heart.

Feel the hold rage burn in your heart, as it enflames and burns like the Sun.  the Portal of Light on your Earth…  Become the Solar Eye of the Sun and through your Solar Eye, you burn the fear of the very thing you are; a Being of the most unimaginable POWER and LIGHT.

Be in PEACE in Your Remembering, 

You are the One Heart of Every Living thing.

HEART, I Love You, Carmel.