Receiving Part 5

When we “receive” we are acknowledging that we must surrender “control: over our lives.
I cannot always control an outcome. Controlling outcomes can bring anxiety to many, depression and disease.
It is essential right now for you to just support yourself whilst this new reality percolates your consciousness.
The reality of receiving is foreign to the consciousness of humans, as control and authority over your, and others emotional lives is encoded in us.
Receiving is a shift in awareness about ourselves as human beings.
Imagine yourself now as a baby. You are contented in your mother’s arms. However, she decides to place you in a reed boat and let you sail down the river.
Your consciousness rebels, now as you try and imagine what might happen to you as the baby, with the enormous risks in the river of life.
However your consciousness as that baby does not understand the present adult reality, and the “baby” in her “underdeveloped” consciousness has no awareness of the dangers in the river, all she feels is the peace floating sensation, until the boat eventually stops.
When you are able to surrender control over outcomes, a new force of energy and light surrounds you.
Your consciousness becomes multi-dimensional and you are inviting a new reality to impose itself on your “mind”.
Multi-dimensional reality allows the forces of light to create with your trained mind, allowing its fears and anxieties to be acknowledged but now dominating.
Right now you are an adult, lying in your reed boat in the river of life, with all its perils and dangerous undercurrents.
Your ability to see yourself as a multi-dimensional being having an experience in a human body supports your truth and your receiving becomes another reality.
Dropping into this consciousness brings a sense of completeness, spontanitity, and sheer joy for the process of being human.
Happy sailing friends.



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