You are currently viewing Reverential STILLNESS…

Reverential STILLNESS…

Invite yourself now to begin to create a world which offers you the simple Joy and Peace being human deserves.  

Just Feel the Energy of this real Allowance now, as the Energy shifts into a co-creation with you, for when you STOP and create a Sense of REVERENTIAL STILLNESS in your Being; not having to answer to anyone; just being in this Space of Reverential Stillness, a Sense of simple Joy and Peace envelopes you..

Creating small Spaces in your day; especially when overloaded through your mind, invites you to develop this practice of Allowing Energy to Settle in your Being…

A whirlpool of emotions, only create chaos and the energy becomes dissipated and discordant.

Just imagine now, visualizing through your Intelligent Heart: 

  • A Sense of Observing the landscape of your coming day; week etc.
  • Capture the Essence of Stillness…  Like a photographer waiting for the perfect shot.
  • The Feeling of Suspension and Emptiness envelopes you…

Practising this SPACE; just going into it, regularly, brings you a Sense of Feeling Invisible Forces/Presences supporting you…

This HYMN to EARTH MOTHER  – Invites you to Feel this Reverential Stillness..


Co-join with me, to find the part of yourself that is lost.

For I am your Mother.

I cry with you; 

I cry for you; 

I am you.

Feel my breath on your skin.

Feel it in your nostrils, 

Going deep into your cells.

Feel my Fire;  warming your skin,

Heating your body.

Enlivening your souls purpose.

Feel my Water; for you are water crystalline cells,

Allow the sacred geometric minerals be Activated.

Feel my Earth; this is you.

I am Earth.

What is Earth?  It is you.

You are an Earthling.

For your Heart is calling you home to the Earth.

Feel me weaving your sacred geometric matrix in all your cells.

Remembering the Mother.

The First Mother,

Invites you to partake in the Joy of your humanness.

We are the ONE.  

You and I.

©️Carmel Glenane  December 3 2022

Allow Now this Earth Mother Invocation to deepen your Remembering…


I am the Winged Rainbow Serpent who births the Heart of your indwelling power. 

I am ‘The One’ who drives your fears away from your ONE HEART to witness the power of your Hearts Truth. 

I am the power to create in you The ONE of Every Living Thing, in your cellular remembering. 

I Strike; I Hiss and I Avenge your own fear of the very thing YOU are. 

Fly on my Rainbow Wings to the outer reaches of the unseen Forces within and without. 

Together we fight and create a sense of real understanding of what it is like to SELF LOVE.

Be in the Rainbow luminescence of my Form, as I help you shed your skins of illusion. Every Skin shed brings you closer to me; so you can be in the Form like me, Luminous; Free and ever changing like the Rainbow after a storm. 

Your Rainbow Heart now shines in the Form of the Winged Rainbow Serpent. 

This is you. This is me. We are the Luminous Rainbow Serpents entwined like mating lovers. 

Birth your Luminous, Winged Rainbow Self, in the raw power of The Serpent.

© Carmel Glenane Full Moon in Aries 2/10/2020 

  • FOCUS on the Element which feels most favoured by you… (I like the feeling of the Water Element etc.)
  • Now shift your Focus to the Element that you didn’t really connect with…

You can ENTRAIN yourself to Feel the Elements as separate Energies, that  the Forces can create with.

  • By OBSERVING which elements are needed, sequentially, you GIVE yourself this Stillness…

And the energy shifts into being Co-creative instead of hostile.. 

When you open up the lens of your INTENT to create with the most powerful support imaginable, it brings you back to developing a Practice or Ritual of Deep and Powerful Reverential Space for the totality of who you really are and what you are capable of.

No Judgement  –  No Discussion  –  No Analysis  –  just BEING…

Enables you to capture the Perfect Shot for your manifestable creations; Suspension – Emptiness is being Activated and your Creations become manifestable immediately…

Heart I Love you All,

Carmel Glenane

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