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If every human could make Self Loving a creative loving act, all would be well in human totality. To support yourself right now in making Self Loving a creative act to be around you at this time, is one of Self Nourishment in the human journey.

The true creative journey is one of SELFHOOD, the space of creativity is the challenge now to embrace ALL that you can do in your life right now.

SELF NOURISHMENT is essentially being KIND; yes KIND to YOURSELF.

Try to count up all your Kind Acts to Yourself each day. You may be very surprised to find that you Give Kindness to Others far more than giving Kindness to Yourself!

Imagine now, creating a creative inner journey of Self Loving Kindness to Yourself, and begin to count up all those Self Loving Acts. By observing where your emotional heart and mind take you and Reining them in; you will STOP and Pause and Say: “I have a problem, every hour, every day, there are problems”

Facing yourself willingly and stopping to say: “I must experience Self Loving right now.”

You allow yourself a brief moment of precious Space in the Human Race to Achieve, to birth Self Love through creative Self Nourishing Acts.

What is happening now in human consciousness, is a SURRENDER to our own Truth to be a channel for Self Love. We are Allowing this now, as a species and we are responding as a group to this new role in our human form. Humans need to FEEL they are not working alone, or in a space of distrust.

There are Immortal Beings supporting us all at this time, however we must TRUST ourselves to observe where the emotional heart and mind take you, not just individually but collectively.

Creative Self Nourishing Acts begin with Yourself; as you acknowledge KINDNESS to YOURSELF, you begin to Raise your Vibration exponentially, drawing others to you to do the same.

We are Humanity; we are a species which needs to FEEL this interconnection between ourselves, others and Immortal Beings. Remember all those Kind, Loving Self Creative Acts brings the Collective Consciousness of Remembered Self Love.

Never feel you are alone and are only one, trying to support yourself right now. You are being Assisted All the Time, as we ALL are Birthing Self Love together.

All will be well in our Human totality when we Embrace and Surrender to SELF LOVE.

It is important that humans have shared views on immortality now that they are not working alone or in a space of distrust. The world of the Immortals is a world of shared truth and trust, and just believing in immortality brings you very close to creating the spark that will bring the Immortals to you to work transcendence through you. You are able to allow this by a shared truth, a sacred truth, between yourself and others, and you can generate energy to bring this about.

Generating energy to bring about your Sacred Truth is an Act of Love for Yourself, and you need to respect the fact that you have decided to do this at this time of your soul’s evolution. Just receiving the Immortals’ energy is a very powerful and constructive thing to do for your life right now.

We are the One Heart, when we begin to dose up on Kindness to ourselves. Self Nourishment is ESSENTIAL on our human journey now.

Hearts I Love you All.



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