The REAL da Vinci CODE

Polymath Robert Grant; has linked the Sacred Geometry patterns in Leonardo da Vinci’s Masterpiece drawing of The Vitruvian Man to the hidden secrets of the front cover of Shakespeare’s “Sonnets” play as well as the ancient hidden secrets in the Great Pyramid of Giza Chambers.

Through precise Sacred Geometric equations he demonstrates that our Ultimate Purpose in being Human is to find these Hidden Chambers within our own Chakras. (which replicates the sacred geometry of ratios in the Grand Pyramid of Giza.)

Our Ultimate Purpose then becomes an Inward Search to find within us through our Chakras, including our Hearts Seven Chakras; the True Quest for Peace and Receiving Love. 

To begin this Awakening of our Hearts Intelligence we must Allow this Pattern of Remembering to take place. Sacred Geometry Ratios opens up this Remembering and we can Activate Ancient Pathways and Grid Lines to get us into our own Secret Chamber; our Intelligent Heart.

To Awaken; is a Knowing that ALL of you and life are ONE and that every part of life is a part of you. This Awakening is dependant upon aspects of your Remembering. Allowing this Remembering; brings you into resonance with ALL there is. 

ALL of Life and You are ONE.

Allowing this information of Sacred Geometric Ratios through Grant’s very thorough research and its links back to The Source; the Pyramid Chambers; invites us all to reflect on the Hidden Ratios within us all.

Having personally experienced the POWER of the Giza Plateau and The Chambers ( I have been into the Kings, Queens and Subterrean Chambers with my Groups on tours to Egypt) I can truly say these Chambers were the Awakening of my Intelligent Heart.

Imagine now, attuning to the great Masters; like Leonardo da Vinci; Shakespeare and ultimately the Wisdom Teachers who brought these Secrets to us through the Sacred Geometry of the Great Pyramid; by attuning to your Heart now; and feeling our Masters of Art; Literature and Sacred Geometry support our Hearts in our evolvement.

Attuning to yourself as a holograph of The Vitruvian Man (da Vinci’s drawing); then floating into the Pyramid of Giza and begin to discover the true depth and meaning for the True Art of Awakening our Intelligent Immortal Hearts.

The Heart of the Ancients and the Universes will Love you for it! As well as your own of course!.


Heart I Love you, Carmel.


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