The Intelligent Heart

You are invited in these five blogs to preview our groundbreaking book, “Awakening Your Intelligent Heart”, co-authored with Lisa Malcolm (a research scientist)

The essence of every living thing begins with its heart, its heartbeat, its centre.

One very simple way to move into your heart, listen to your heart, to awaken your heart’s intelligence is to simply place your hands on your heart. Feel your heart, smile at your heart, feel the love and affection you have for it.
Say to your heart: “Heart I love you”.
Truly feel it. You may feel a tightness in your chest, an expansion of your heart, or a feeling of calm or bliss. You may not feel anything at all, just continue to relax deeply and keep your awareness on your heart, gently letting your heart know, “Heart I love you”.
The Hawaiian prayer is a powerful way to the heart:

“Heart I love you,
I’m sorry,
Please forgive me,
Thank you.”

If you feel nothing is happening that is ok too, just maintain a deep level of relaxation with your awareness at your heart.

“A true smile is a sign of love, it warms and heals. Smiling helps develop your ability to give and receive love. Smiling to yourself is like basking in love. Our body is a filter for all our thoughts, feelings and perceptions. When you smile and fill your heart with love you increase your circulation. Smile into your heart and feel the loving energy of the smile spread throughout your circulatory system. Smiling into your heart and intoning “Heart I love you”, relieves stored tension and enables a new type of heart functioning to take place. Fill you heart with love”

Over half of our heart is composed of the same type of neurones that are found in the cerebral system, our cranial (head) brain. The brain within our heart is comprised of similar cells to those found in the brain in our head, our cranial brain. The brain in our heart also contains around 40,000 neurons, and has a circuitry of neurons, neurotransmitters and other cells like those found in the cranial brain. This discovery of the heart’s brain has given rise to an amazing new field of study called Neurocardiology.

Your heart really does have the ability to independently sense, to process information, to make decisions and even demonstrates a type of learning memory. The heart has a brain, that operates independently from the cranial brain and it sends signals that influence the regulation of our body’s systems, as well as decision making and perceptions.

Just listen and watch how your life changes as your hearts I.Q. is expanded. When you let your heart remember and listen to it’s voice you will begin to experience a life guided by the intelligence and wisdom of the heart, it is al life filled with joy and love.

Heart I Love you.




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