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The Intelligent Heart – A Guide to a Compassionate Life

To begin a journey in life, requires you to know what Tools and Supports you can access to create the most magical and joy filled life…

Your First TOOL: 

  • Is your Intelligent Heart

The Intelligent Heart has its own language… and for your mind; this language is foreign… 

Let’s create a desire for ourselves to access this language.

What is your greatest desire or wish for your human incarnation?

For the magical genie to come out of its bottle, you must create a Clear Intent.

  • My INTENT is to live with Peace within myself… 

The Intent must be for you; so your Intelligent Heart can respond to your needs first.  The Intelligent Hearts language is not coded to Give before it RECEIVES FIRST…

So Let’s begin.    Say to yourself: 

    “Heart I love You” .. (this is you speaking to your Intelligent Heart)

    “I now expect Miracles today”.

    “I now give All Love and All Truth for my Miracles to manifest”.

    “I am Grateful”.

Now that you have turned on the engine for the journey to begin, you now put to your Heart, its directions for you plans; projects and relationships.

Ground breaking studies by scientific doctors from the Heart Math Institute to scientist Nassim Haramein have given concrete scientific evidence for the INTELLIGENCE of our HEART.. 

Your Heart can retrieve lost information about why you took the journey to foreseeing your future… Even saving your life if in danger…  In fact it is so important it should be part of your Full Name: eg: Carmel Heart Glenane…

That’s just a fun exercise to try!

Compassionate Living requires Surrender to outcomes in anything life presents us with. 

  • This is compassion for YOU, FIRST…

Compassion is to recognize you must be compassionate for YOURSELF BEFORE you can offer compassion to another, in loss or tragedy.

A small RITUAL I like is to BE STILL and Allow yourself SPACE to RESET your HEART; especially if it has gone through shock; grief or sadness after a loss:

  • Breathing in and saying: “Heart I love You”.

By doing this you are allowing your hearts hormonal function to send hormones to the other glands; especially the adrenals; which go into overdrive when loss hits… The adrenals send cortisol to the brain; thus closing down the heart and its ability to function properly..

Let’s begin as a human family to Awaken the Global Heart of ourselves to co-create with the Global Heart of Humanity to create through our Intelligent Hearts; giving Compassion to ourselves first; by loving detachment and surrender…

Enjoy the magical joy filled ride…

Your Heart will love you for it.


P.S. I have just created a training video on how to free yourself from the emotional enslavement of others….

It talks about how to deal with narcissists, energy vampires and any co-dependency issues that might be affecting you…

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