The Unconscious – Infinite Power Source

To draw on the Unconscious is to create a reality, which is essentially multidimensional.  This simply means that you are not obeying your mind or emotions, which create through the vast intelligence of the mind only.  An exercise to help you develop your own unique capacity to understand yourself can be as simple as drawing on your own magnetism and strength.   The unconscious becomes activated when you say:

“I now feel inside me strength, beauty, tolerance, and the knowledge that I am unique.”

When you begin to feel “in awe” of yourself, you are in the presence of mighty unconscious intelligences, who can assist you manifest what you need for your higher good. This is an important evolutionary step in your souls journey, and allows you to open up your mind to being in the presence of any light filled being, you wish to manifest with.  The mind needs to be given the opportunity to co create with the unconscious.  You may like to say to your unconscious:

“What can I being to my world today that wasn’t here yesterday?” 

Challenge your core beliefs around being able to co create with the unconscious which holds a vast store house of energy and information about  “Source” energy.  Right now, just pause, allow yourself the enormity of the unconscious to percolate your consciousness.


The Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, or any other great energy Stargate to be a living template for your total consciousness resting in your heart.    Pick up your heart, feels it as a pulsing living organ, alive and powerful.  Really try to imagine its secrets, its power, which comes through the unconscious   Now feel it going into The Pyramid, and drawing upon the vast storehouse of unconscious through this magnificent Stargate, as you honour your surrender and be receptive to the surrendering process.  The surrender acknowledges that you must give up the struggle with the ego and the subconscious.  Surrendering is the most important acknowledgement of your humanness and your fragility.

“I now surrender my humanness and see the wisdom of the vast unconscious to be with me now.”

An archetypal role model from your unconscious will inspire you to live a detached, powerful and love filled life.  ‘The Great Ones’ can guide your every moment to embrace power, energy and light.  Imagine using the power through your unconscious evoking an archetype / role model to magnetise the right circumstances and people to you.

That’s cool isn’t it!  However you can experience many powerful shifts and your expanded consciousness may not please all in your life; be aware of this and take responsibility.

Most importantly when working with forces through the unconscious keep grounding your intent into the core of Earth Mother and keep asking your intelligent heart if your request will support your  Direct Path. Check in always.

The Unconscious can assist you in activating your cellular memory to be recoded to accept new frequencies and new information.  For example:  ageing as we know it, disease, senility, degeneration to be gone.  By infusing your cellular memory with these concepts, new frequencies create a space for this reconstruction to take place.  New energy is placed in your cells. Every cell responds to this challenge.

It is important as earthlings that we know what we are capable of.

The Unconscious, properly channelled is a rich minefield of raw source energy to bring us a life embracing a peace filled heart.

Receive,  you deserve this gift of tapping into your ‘Unconscious’ and using it’s power to create and magical love filled abundant life.

Heart I Love you,


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