Heart Transplant? Yes or No…

Can you imagine what it would be like living with another person’s heart in your body?

When I read an article in The Weekend Australian recently, I was not surprised to read of the donor’s (Tom 17 years) extraordinary link with his birth family through his donor heart’s recipient, (Tatiana) after his tragic death.  After receiving Tom’s organs (the heart and lungs) Tatiana, from Western Australia “knew intuitively she had male organs“.

Helen (Tom’s mother) says: “I could still feel my son ‘s heart beating after he was gone.”    

Through extraordinary co-incidences created through Helen (Tom’s mother) and Tatiana, they met.   Fate “conspired” in a series of bizarre co-incidences, not only to bring the families together, but even more extraordinary, “an imaginary friendship” between Tom’s heart, Tatiana, (who has Tom’s heart), Helen (Tom’s birth mother) and their families; see them now giving speeches in public on the benefits of heart and other organ donations, as well as sharing family special events.

Our hearts intelligence is so incredibly powerful and lives on even after physical death. In my book “Awaken Your Immortal Intelligent Heart”, the research from Hearth Math Institute supports this story.

“Just as each heart carries all the information of all hearts, all protons too are entangled and each proton carries all the information of all protons. Each one of us is directly connected to the entire universe, and can access all of the information within it at any given moment. This is the basic principle of the holographic model of reality, that all of the information present in the whole is also present in all parts of the whole. You contain the entire universe in each one of your atoms.”

Hearts conspire to get together; and whilst this story may appear bizarre, it really points to the tiny place within the heart which, when felt between the hearts of those we love, is a feeling reality, not a mind-based linear reality.

Telling your heart: Daily, even Hourly if in trouble, “Heart I love you”, opens up the world of endless possibilities to really taking responsibility for our hearts being truly sacred, and a direct link to source.

In contrast to this story, is my loved student, Victoria, a full time professional vocal performer and mother, who faces her own intense challenge in relation to donors hearts.  Her surgeon has told Victoria that she must now consider a heart transplant as her own heart is loosing its functions.

“No, she says, my heart has been with me for a long time, I want us to continue our journey together for as long as we can.

(refer to my interview with Victoria – July 28 2017)

Victoria has decided to consciously embark upon a journey on the inner discovery of, her heart’s many functions including:

  • Activation of her heart’s MtDNA  (refer my book “Awaken Your Immortal Intelligent Heart”, page 75, Activating the Intelligent Hearts Secrets of the Feminine DNA) to repair, and rejuvenate her heart to give it all the help it needs to heal and repair itself.

Victoria is very sensitive to her heart’s opening intelligence and is now embracing a structured set of activities from my book to help her create a new strong powerful heart.  These two contrasting stories demonstrate how grieving people can fight for love, the immortal love of their intelligent hearts.

Let’s get to know our hearts, and the hearts of all.

Talk to your heart, and the hearts of all those you love, really feeling them and they will respond to this universal call.

I am alive, I live on, I always have and will be.  

The ancient Egyptians knew this.  In the most spectacular relief, “The Last Judgement”, the ancient wisdom diagrams, demonstrate that the heart is weighted at the end of life, whilst the Brain thrown to the birds.  Make your choice.

The hearts intelligence, or the mind intelligence?   

Heart’s I love you all.

REFERENCE: Awaken your Immortal Intelligent Heart


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