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What is a Mystery School?

A Mystery School invites you to ask: 

What IS a School of Mysteries?

Why are Mystery Schools established?

Mystery Schools are Traditionally, Secret Initiate societies, lodges etc.. They are set up to give Initiates,  structured Guidance for the Intent and Mission statement of the founders of the School.

Traditions are Activated through the Rituals and their role is to bring many aims and ideals of the group to create a society the founders envision.

As there are so many aims, aspirations to Mystery Schools there can be a huge disparity in what the Initiate is seeking and what they are actually getting… 

  • One must go back to the founders Blueprint and Vision and make sure that the current Initiations and Rituals are in alignment with your needs and aspirations as an Initiate…

When I established Atlantis Rising Mystery School in 2006 I was aware of the Traditions and Responsibility of being a Founder of a Mystery School with ATLANTEAN Traditions… 

This Atlantean Mystery School became for me the VISION to Have Balance, Peace and Justice in a world for All aspirants and Respect Choice…

If the Initiate/Student doesn’t want any more; then they must be given Respect; to leave when the journey is complete for them…

The Atlantis Rising Mystery School training programmes involve the: 

  • Structured Guidance
  • Step by Step Initiatory Programmes and Progression 

Through the Ancient Secrets of the Wisdom teachers; Ascended Masters who have created the Metaphysical Wisdom books I birthed through them.

What you get is a Structured; Disciplined Path…   Honouring The FORCES through the EARTH and HEART Pathway…

The Atlantis Rising Mystery School is a school of Magicians!

For to create Magic, you need to know your Ingredients…  The ELEMENTS and The FORCES can be created through INTENT for the desired outcome.  
Magical INTENT is created through knowing you are on the DIRECT PATH; 

The Middle Ground; The PATH OF THE HEART…

Following a Path that the ancients have left us, provides Stability and Security in a world of chaos…  Where nothing seems real at times.  

A Path, offering a route, a weary traveller knows leads to an INNER NIRVANA and within this extraordinary experience, will create in the Initiate a Nirvana BLISS..  A multidimensional experience in ALL of Life; which for me, must have Balance; Order and Justice as its aim..

Allow the Mystery to Awaken and the greatest Mystery School is the one where the Initiate allows themselves to experience their Totality in a human incarnation…

Heart, I Love you, 


P.S. I have just created a training video on how to FREE yourself from the Emotional Enslavement of others….If this resonates with you, then go ahead and WATCH THE TRAINING HERE