You are currently viewing Your New Passport Stamp…

Your New Passport Stamp…

As we collectively stand on the precipice of a New Year, ready to take flight into new adventures…

What has your passport stamp allowed?

Taking flight means leaving the old behind and this takes strength and determination not to recreate old patterns.

For these are traps and illusions which will slow the journey.

December Ritual, that I do, is to reflect on the past year through my daily diary records… Taking time to really observe what patterns, thoughts and attachments were representing themselves through the year..

Daily transmissions from our Heart’s Intelligence / Higher Self or Guidance, keep us On Track and if available to you, then re-read entries carefully…  As you shift your consciousness into your Immortal Self. 

  • Make a CHECK LIST of People/ Situations and Events that triggered you throughout the year…
  • Use this List to create and End of Year Release Ritual. 

This will FREE you to take flight and really see your life as you own creation…

  • RITUAL Releases you from your old identity and BIRTHS a New CORE IDENTITY.

Many of our old habits are addictive, (even social media) so to birth this New Core Identity, you must have a very CLEAR VISION for you passport destination.

To take a Step into the Void every day of your New Year, heralds a knowing that your Core Identity; once firmly stated to you every morning is the surest way of Releasing old trapped Cellular Debris; creating karmic loops and resulting old karmic contracts in a new form…

This simple RITUAL will ASSIST you in leaving the old behind; in a month of LETTING GO of the Year.

  • Create your CHECK LIST of Triggers you want to RELEASE
  • Say to yourself each day for the remainder of this month:
  • “Heart I love You… I am now allowing myself to leave any part of my old identity which is no longer Serving Me”.
  • “I now Allow this RELEASE to birth my New Core identity as I take flight birthing my New Year resolution to Find MY Power”.
  • “I am Grateful”.

Observing your thoughts and feelings after this RITUAL begins to allow you to FEEL the Presence of the Forces assisting you at this time.. 

There is no greater Gift that you can give YOURSELF right now; than to RELEASE your Old identity and BIRTH your New CORE IDENTITY….

It is Christmas after all… 

Let’s celebrate our New CORE IDENTITIES…

Heart I love You,

I am Grateful to you ALL.