Activating the Intelligent Heart’s Secret’s

One of the most sensational ‘finds’ in recent years has been the knowledge that scientists have discovered cardiac hormones in the Heart. For we lay people, this means Heart hormones. Imagine now, your heart having more hormones than all your other glands! Mitochondrial DNA (MtDNA) are the power packs of our cells and provide energy for life.

The energy of the MtDNA is now available to begin the journey to discover the source of ‘the self’. The source of ‘the self’ is the sole purpose for humanity’s evolution. Humans cannot evolve as a species unless there is an activation of the MtDNA as there is no glandular stimulation to love. Primarily the sole purpose for humanity’s evolution is contained in this DNA. If humans choose not to evolve whilst in a human body this gland remains dormant and in a passive state.
Right now the energy of “All Love” activates the gland, which is primarily located in the heart. Bringing this energy into resonance with your heart’s truth is awakening the heart, releasing it from its slumber, its inertia. When you consciously activate the MtDNA, you are stepping into a new world of multidimensionality. Suddenly linear time does not exist in the way if once did.

You have tapped into a very rich resource of power and light. This power and light activates all cells in your body. By activating the MtDNA, all DNA becomes charged and activated as well. The true essence of rejuvenation takes place. The cells can be activated to awaken dead hearts not only energetically but also physically. You need now to feel your source energy of “All Love” bringing you all you need for your power to heal, rejuvenate and bring source energy of “All Love” to you now.

This transformative energy is awaiting you.

Are you ready to receive the power of MtDNA activation?

“I now allow myself to receive power and light through MtDNA activation, bringing the true essence of rejuvenation”.

MtDNA brings to the surface an undiscovered source of raw power. This DNA activation is like tapping into a rich reservoir of raw power. This raw power brings so much energy to the whole nervous system. This is very important to keep focusing on just how magical and life changing your world is becoming with the source energy of this DNA. Just focusing on its source power will give your heart strength. The heart is flooded with energy and power, as the gland becomes activated. The energy of this activation brings to the surface much suppressed grief as you begin to transit into a new view of your reality and potential.

You can begin to feel the power of it as being similar to an atomic energy, exploding power and light throughout your whole body. Feeling your body become charged up with source energy and power, allows you to really feel the magic of “All Love” in your life. Your world becomes one with the source energy of raw power for your body. Allowing the feeling brings you closer to the power of the ancients who knew this DNA and used it to bring might and power to their world.

So your “Ticker” a favour.. Place your hands on your heart and say,
“Heart I Love You”.

May “The Force” by with you!

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