Reiki Secrets Revealed

Senju Kannon Feminine Reiki now allows the essence of the Forces to manifest with you with the powers you receive from the Reiki.

Intoning yourself to receive power through your hearts truth, means simply that you say:

“I now expect Senju Kannon Reiki miracles to receive the power through my hearts truth.”

It is time to really connect to the core of Reiki’s essence through the expression of ‘All’. When you expect ‘All”  (ie “The All”.) of an experience you are opening up to the totality of that experience.  Opening up to “The All” of anything, bring the forces to you.  You want now “The All”, of The Mother of Reiki bring you “All”  you need to receive right now.

“The All” of any experience  brings you to the core of “All”. This allows you to focus on ‘All you ever were and will be.’  This force is allowing you the gift of “All” you ever were.  You are allowing the essence of truth to manifest.

Reiki through ‘The Divine Feminine’ bring you into the heart.  Believing in what the Secret Heart of Reiki brings you is an acknowledgement of your humanness to really flow in the essence of ‘The All’!   The essence of ‘The All’  in Reiki cannot be over emphasised  ‘The All’ contains the total experience of Reiki.

Reiki is ancient primordial energy.  This ancient primordial energy brings you home to ‘All’ you ever were and will be.  When you allow the primordial aspect of Reiki to be acknowledged, you are respecting the source of “All Life”.


“The All” of every living thing supports you now in ‘Oneness for All.’

Feeling  ‘The All’ of Reiki  brings ‘The All’ of Reiki to you now.

Heart I Love you, Carmel.


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