The Nature of Justice

Hearing Julie Bishop’s (Australian foreign Minister) genuine outrage at Peter Greste and his two Egyptian colleagues 7 year imprisonment last night left me pondering the true nature of Justice and how it applies in the modern world.

As a tour facilitator who takes transformative tours to Egypt with students from around the world, I have had 13 years first hand witnessing of Egypt’s struggle to become a modern democracy.

So what is modern democracy in our world? Can there be True Justice in the world of the un-balanced Masculine? The masculine principle of protection, order, and truth cannot be enacted in a world which does not respect The Nature of Justice.
The Nature Of Justice cannot be enacted in any culture which won’t respect living truthfully.
Living truthfully implies respect for all life and a respect for the protection of all those living of this Earth.
The world is now witnessing a breakdown of natural justice in Egypt, in a judicial system that is leaving truth seekers outraged.
Examining modern Egypt’s New road to Democracy brings me to my teaching of Maat’s Law. Ancient Egyptian’s lived under The Rule of Maat. Maat ruled the system of justice in Ancient Egypt.
Where are YOU NOW MAAT.


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