Beautiful things happen when people are in their hearts. The evolutionary shift into our awakened, intelligent, and loving heart is a necessary step in humanity’s evolution and it is the solution to many of the global and individual challenges that face us. Our Earth is wondrous and offers all we need for sustainable life. Yet, in the disconnection from our hearts, from each other, from the natural world, and from our own divinity, we have damaged much, perpetuating environmental degradation, social injustices, and feelings of fear and separation. This is simply not possible when your heart is fully functioning, awakened, and intelligent.

Holistically combining ancient wisdom, channeled knowledge with paradigm changing scientific breakthroughs, allows the seemingly impossible reconciliation of science and spirituality to occur as a natural consequence.

All living systems are bound together in energetic interconnectedness, and as each individual awakens their intelligent heart and lives by its wisdom, the coherence of the human energy field increases, that is, the vibration of the collective energy field of humanity’s consciousness shifts to a more loving vibration. As each individual moves into their heart consciousness, it becomes easier and easier for others to awaken their own intelligent hearts. Each awakened heart is a catalyst for the awakening of others’ hearts.

Our hearts radiate a measurable electromagnetic field that can have an effect on other beings. You may have noticed this yourself, experiencing feeling “good” after being in the presence of a loving, highly vibrational person. Even if you are completely unconscious of this field and your heart’s capabilities, your heart can affect the resonance of others around you. Your heart’s resonance, as part of the collective resonant field of humanity also effects the resonance of the planet and influences the manifestation of events and circumstances.

The field of human consciousness affects the Earth so much that fluctuations in the Earth’s magnetic field at times of mass human emotion can even be detected by National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) satellites. That the Earth’s energetic systems are influenced by the collective consciousness and human emotions has also been confirmed by university studies that report very strong evidence of the interaction between the collectiveconsciousness of humanity and its influence on global events. Other studies in consciousness have conclusively shown time and time again that when a group of people come together with hearts resonating to the higher frequencies of love, events can be influenced.

Each of us individually is responsible for our contribution to the resonance of the collective field and therefore also for the manifestation of events and circumstances. These circumstances can in turn have an effect on us. It is a truly interactive system. You are a unique part of an interconnected whole.

As an individual you experience your best quality of life when your heart is an awakened, intelligent heart, as your heart then leads you to making decisions that support your true happiness.

As you live more and more by your heart’s intelligence your responses to events and your reactions to emotional impulses become more harmonious and balanced, it flows on to your immediate environment, and your family, your workplace, and your community also become more coherent.

Just as your local environment benefits from your heart’s awakening, so too the global resonance, as it is enhanced by your love. With the shift of more and more people into heart consciousness, the transformation of the global community from one where warfare, poverty, injustice, and ecological destruction abound to a global community of peace and abundance, where we treat ourselves, each other, the Earth, and all beings with love and respect, it is a natural progression.

It is truly our responsibility to ourselves and to the collective, to bring our hearts to the higher resonances of love, power and wisdom, and awaken the intelligent heart.

The ancients in their wisdom knew the heart to be the seat of the self, of emotion, thought, will, intention, and the spiritual seat of intelligence and memory.  Modern science now, knows that the heart is the main control center of our body. It links our body, mind, emotions, and soul. It sends signals that influence the regulation of all of our body’s systems. The heart is also the primary generator of rhythm in our body, and the pulsing rhythms of the heartbeatinfluence the processes that control your nervous system, cognitive function, and emotion.  Both the thoughts of our mind and the health of our body as well as our emotional state can be positively transformed by listening to our heart’s intelligence.

Our hearts have true intelligence, and by activating and listening to them, we gain access to wisdom, compassion, kindness, and emotional balance in our lives.

One very simple way to BEGIN to awaken to your heart’s intelligence is to simply place your hands on your heart. Just put your hands over your heart and let your awareness focus there. With your hands on your heart, feel the love and affection you have for it, this amazing organ that supports your life. Smile to your heart. A smile heals, and smiling to your heart helps develop your ability to give and receive love. Smiling to your heart is like bathing in love.

Say to your heart, “Heart, I love you.”

You may feel tightness in your chest, an expansion of your heart, or a feeling of calm or bliss. You may not feel anything at all. Continue to relax deeply and keep your awareness on your heart, gently letting your heart know, “Heart, I love you.”

Do this daily, as many times as you feel, because you cannot overdose on love. Smiling to your heart and intoning, “Heart, I love you” is a very powerful practice; it allows your heart a new way of functioning.

Heart I Love you,


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