Writing for your Heart..

“For whatever reason, just write. It can help you find your way”
Les Zigomamis
Busy Bird Publishing.

The magical world of self-healing through language opens up unbelievably when you give yourself the gift to explore your authentic self, your heart, through writing.
Life is filled with challenges. Trauma strikes when we least expect, leaving us paralysed with fear.
Making decisions without giving time and ‘reflection’ can cost you pain, hurt in relationships, financial ruin. Further more it can close down your ‘Heart’ centre.

Our society conditions us to give immediate ‘instant’ responses to others emotions.
Before you start buying into someones else’s view of your reality, begin by writing down the question presented to you…..
Say— to yourself “Am I earthed enough to make this decision?”
Breathe deeply, powerfully, rhythmically. Just take a moment..
Jot down on a piece of paper what feelings come to you. The answer will be revealed very quickly. Bingo!! You have your real ‘authentic self’s’ answer for all you need.

I am witness to the power of writing daily, sometimes every hourly, in my life by writing down decisions I have to make in all areas of my business and personal life.
You can earth your manifestation grids, for the day, week or year doing this creates space, peace and order, and makes you successful.

This very valuable tool,….writing,…..rejuvenates as well.
Mind “chatter” ages you, creating stress hormones, and can find ways of being totally demonic toward your ‘Heart’s’ health.

I keep daily journals. I blog ….. write books, on self empowerment.
However, this is not for everyone.
Just jot down on a piece of paper how you are feeling right now, (and it doesnt’ have to be in “response” to someone else’s question.) Just do it.

Ask your heart. “Heart, I love you; How are ‘WE’ doing right now.?”
“What should ‘WE’ do about this ‘Issue’?”
(who knows you just might journal, blog, or write books…sharing is caring…)

Take time to care for ‘YOU’.
Your heart is your greatest tool to express, releasing stress etc..empowering yourself emotionally, and creating a NEW identity.
Focus on yourself…. Re-change yourself through breath, stillness, and know by writing, you express your innermost ‘self’.
YOU are your own best therapist.
Be the author to your heart. (You could write a best seller from deep personal sharing…so many authors have)
You hold the Master Key to infinity.
Your heart opens now, to Receive Love,
Turn the key….Write to Receive…Love.

Heart I Love you,


REFERENCE: Atlantean Manifestation Secrets

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